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Data Drives Moxi Works and Sisu to Align in Strategic Partnership

February 15 2018

SILICON SLOPES, UT — Feb 13, 2018 – The real estate market is booming, and there's never been more people competing for a slice of the profits. Smooth talking and likeability used to be the secret weapons of top producing agents and teams in the industry. Now, top producers are using tech solutions to give them the edge, all of them relying on one key component – data.

As real estate teams and agents move towards more data driven sales processes, software companies Moxi Works and Sisu have partnered up to provide brokerages, teams, and agents with massive amounts of data and analytics to create a competitive edge.

Sisu began a few years ago when a team of real estate agents in Salt Lake City leveraged a system of disciplined tracking and analysis of agent activities to more than double their sales numbers. Recognizing the power of the system, founder and CEO Brian Charlesworth took action and began developing the system of accountability into the full-fledged software platform, Sisu Team, that gamifies and visualizes the data to increase the top line revenue of real estate teams.

"Top producers in real estate today are already creating an edge using data/activity tracking and analysis. Sisu makes this data both more meaningful and easier to track, bringing that edge to any agent or team that invests in the software," Charlesworth says.

Moxi Works offers the first true open platform in the real estate industry, known as the Moxi Cloud, which now includes over 40 best-in-class tools and services. The Moxi Cloud integrates Moxi's own products (such as Moxi Engage CRM, Moxi Present, Moxi Talent, and more), as well as solutions from 40+ partners that span from lead generation to marketing and about 10 other critical functions in-between.

Both platforms become exponentially more powerful when users have more data to plug into them, thus increasing agent engagement. Mike McHenry, VP of Channels and Partnerships said, "Data is the currency that holds a brokerage together; it's the bacon of our industry. We're ecstatic that a company like Sisu is out there and is partnering with us to provide better data and analytics to give our brokerages' agents a competitive edge. Moreover, it guides agents in how they can best take action with the data that is now at their fingertips."

Sisu Team will leverage and add these key components using the Moxi Works open cloud platform:

  • Goal Setting and Accountability. By eliminating duplicate agent entry and using data gathered in Moxi Engage and Moxi Present, Sisu Team will make it easier for agents to set activity and sales goals and provide team leaders, broker/owners with accountability coaching reports.
  • Data Visualization. Visual data is high impact data. Sisu Team uses browser or TV monitor dashboards to communicate agents, teams and brokerage progress towards goals, and also helps team leads and managers identify trends and opportunities for improvement.
  • Gamification. Sisu Team brings this highly successful practice to the real estate world. Team leaders can set up challenges to push key objectives and create a more engaging, entertaining, and motivating work environment with leaderboards displaying the results.

Users who utilize the Moxi Engage CRM together with Sisu Team will enjoy these benefits:

  • One point of data entry. Rather than inputting data into both systems, Moxi Engage is a complete, end-to-end real estate CRM system system providing brokerage website with lead capture, elegant drip marketing campaigns, transaction management, post transaction workflow, and continued sphere of influence marketing. Sisu Team leverages these automated steps and provides team leads, and broker/owners with better optics into agent data and accountability.
  • Automation. The Moxi Cloud integrates dozens of leading real estate technology solutions – making it the central source for pipeline, client and transaction data. The Sisu Team platform utilizes this vast repository of data to create TV monitor leaderboards, sales challenges, and accountability coaching reports, thus increasing agent engagement.

These are just a few of the synergies that the two tech companies will pursue with this partnership. Moxi has already built an impressive platform filled with data from industry leading applications. Sisu will contribute its performance data to that mix, and will undoubtedly become more effective and efficient as it plugs into the Moxi Open Cloud Platform and leverages the data stored there.

As a result of the partnership, real estate brokerages, teams, and agents will receive more actionable insights from data sharing between the two platforms. With an even more complete suite of tools to manage every aspect of selling real estate, Moxi Works and Sisu will help these teams and brokerages create and sustain a competitive edge in today's saturated – but opportunity filled – market.