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Stay Safe at Home with SABRE's New Fake Security Key Pad

September 21 2017

The authentic looking decoy device is designed to stop thieves in their tracks.

sabre pr fake security pad 1SABRE, the self-defense brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide, is pleased to announce the expansion of their Home Series with the launch of the Fake Security Key Pad.

SABRE's Home Series offers innovative solutions for all budgets, including DIY options, standalone systems, wireless alarms, and faux alternatives.

Their new decoy home security device has been specially designed to look and feel like a real security system—but without the price tag.

"While a home system is the most secure way to protect yourself and your possessions, it's not always in the budget," explains SABRE CEO David Nance. "Our new keypad creates the most realistic illusion that your building is safely under surveillance."

sabre pr fake security pad 2Fake Security Key Pad Highlights

  • Realistic Appearance – It resembles a professional system down to its low light activated, light-up key pad.
  • Effective – Studies have shown that burglars will turn tail at the first sign of a security system.
  • Weatherproof – It can be used both indoors and out.
  • Works for Residential and Commercial – It can be used on homes, offices, apartments, or buildings.
  • Easy to Install – With no wires and low battery consumption, it only takes minutes to install peace of mind.

"Thieves are just looking for another easy target," said Nance. "Even something as small as a faux key pad can discourage them from breaking in."

The new key pad can also be used alongside SABRE's Fake Security Camera Dome or Fake Outdoor Security Camera for a more sophisticated system.

When it's time to upgrade, the SABRE Home Series offers the most user-friendly, loudest systems on the market developed by the most trusted professionals in the business.


SABRE, the no. 1 pepper spray trusted by police and consumers worldwide, is family owned and operated with four decades of experience and is the leading brand in personal safety. The company's law enforcement grade pepper sprays provide consumers with the same superior quality chosen exclusively by the New York Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and law enforcement agencies worldwide. SABRE has trained 3,500 officers around the globe on the use of force and how to use pepper spray. SABRE also has a line of consumer personal alarms and home security systems, and is dedicated to educating its customers. SABRE's Personal Safety Academy is available through certified instructors around the world to help teach personal safety skills to SABRE users. Learn more at http://www.SABREred.com