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Onboard Informatics launches the Simplest Way to Engage and Convert Real Estate Customers Anywhere Online

May 19 2017


NEW YORK, NY (MAY 18, 2017)Onboard Informatics, the leader in data-driven real estate engagement, announced today the launch of Nav 2.0, a web-based product that features reports on the most valuable information in real estate and a new way to capture and nurture leads. It's the simplest way to improve lead engagement and conversion anywhere online.

Nav 2.0 is an upgrade from a signature Onboard product, Neighborhood Navigator, which launched in 2007. It is the best way to instantly and easily improve online engagement and lead conversion. Nav 2.0 is made up of the "Nav Bar" and the "Nurture Bar." Together they to engage online visitors, convert those visitors to leads, and nurture them with content they care about over an extended period.

"When we launched Neighborhood Navigator in 2007, it was the easiest way for brokerages and other real estate companies to get critical community information like schools and market trends on their site" said Jonathan Bednarsh, Onboard Informatics President and Co-Founder. "Ten years later, the time is ripe for a more sophisticated solution. Nav 2.0 not only engages online traffic with this information, it converts that visitor to a lead and automatically nurtures that lead until he or she is ready to transact."

The Nav Bar, or Navigation Bar, is an online bar of four in-depth reports featuring the most popular information in real estate. The bar is easily plugged into any website, blog or online page to instantly increase online engagement.

The four reports included are Community, Local Amenities, Schools and Home Sales. Each report is full of relevant information that relates directly to the property and features a clean, beautiful design. The Nav Bar interprets hundreds of millions of data points from Onboard to generate the elegant reports, so all information is accurate, valid, and up-to-date.

"We looked at the most popular information in real estate and developed reports around what people genuinely care about," said Marc Siden, Onboard Informatics CEO and Co-Founder. "The Nav Bar allows online visitors to navigate the neighborhood they live in or want to live in. The Nurture Bar is what's really exciting – giving our clients the ability to instantly capture and nurture future customers with content they care about."

As the second part of Nav 2.0, the Nurture Bar is a lead capture tool that automatically emails an in-depth property report and ongoing alerts when things change to the home value or area. It is an effective way to not only capture online leads, but nurture them with pertinent content over an extended period.

"The buying or selling process in real estate is long," said Dean Soukeras, Onboard Informatics Senior Product Manager. "These two bars look simple, but what they do is actually extremely advanced. Once an online visitor leaves their contact information, we sync them up to the property they care about and send alerts based on that property. By sending this valuable content, your agents stay in front of consumers in an effective way for an extended period. That's what you need to succeed in real estate today."

Nav 2.0 is available today and takes 3-5 business days to implement into any site, application or blog. For more information, visit