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Introducing CityBlast's Brand New Overflow Package

October 06 2016


Toronto, CA - CityBlast continues to help real estate agents master the world of social media marketing. In that spirit, the company has developed an innovative new service offering called Overflow to complement their well-known Social Media Posting service. Overflow, directly connects real estate professionals with willing sellers - providing guaranteed, exclusive one-to-one seller leads to agents each and every month.

Having a strong social media presence is critical for any business, with over 94 percentof home buyers and sellers beginning their search online. With the introduction of their new Overflow service, CityBlast has cemented their presence as the top Real Estate Social Media Marketing Agency in North America, dedicated to not only building their clients' online credibility, but providing exclusive local seller leads that help businesses grow.

"While inarguably highly lucrative, one of the huge problems with managing Facebook advertising is that, for most real estate professionals, it can be extremely confusing and time consuming. Ad campaigns can take huge investments of money and practice to figure out, and even those who get it right usually don't have the time for the daily oversight and management required," says Shaun Nilsson, CityBlast co-founder.

CityBlast recognizes the challenging and demanding schedules many real estate professionals face, which is a major barrier to implementing the advertising strategies required to generate leads through social media. Overflow is a complete done-for-you lead generation service, saving real estate agents hours in ad management by having CityBlast's pay-per-click managers autonomously oversee their campaigns for them.

"Our proprietary system is a combination of expert oversight, proprietary ad creative and landing pages, efficient use of ad purchasing platforms, and six years of hard-earned local market knowledge," says Chris Hapke, Leads Specialist at CityBlast.

CityBlast's team of in-house leads specialists create Facebook ads to target sellers in specific locations and unique landing pages to capture information on each lead. Totally exclusive, one-to-one, verified, local seller leads are then sent directly to the agent. And in an industry first, all of CityBlast's leads are guaranteed and can be swapped out if the agent doesn't like them. Ensuring agents are not just getting leads, they're getting the right leads.

Quick Facts:

  • CityBlast was established in 2011 and is the world's largest social media management company for real estate professionals.
  • To date, CityBlast has published over 4.8 million social posts.
  • Facebook drives almost 25% of All Social Referral Traffic.
  • Overflow guarantees agents between 5-13 seller leads per month.
  • CityBlast's Overflow leads are exclusive 1-to-1, guaranteed, verified real and local.
  • CityBlast is continuing to evolve and help real estate agents master the full spectrum of available opportunities in social media.


For more information about the ways CityBlast helps thousands of agents each year to master social media and grow their business, please don't hesitate to contact me.

For more information on Overflow, please visit