How Agents Are (Unintentionally) Violating Fair Housing

How Agents Are (Unintentionally) Violating Fair Housing


September 14, 2023 


How Agents Are (Unintentionally) Violating Fair Housing
The homebuying frenzy of the pandemic seems to have died down, but many buyers (more than half, according to a recent survey) are still encountering multiple-bid scenarios when they enter the market. These situations are challenging for both buyers and agents. Buyers don't like them; they feel like it's too hard to compete with investors or cash buyers....
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AI Tied to CRMs Is the First Big Wave
Do you hear that buzz? AI this, AI that? There is a lot of activity swirling around artificial intelligence, but also a lot of questionable noise and hyperbole mixed in with a few scare tactics. Some real estate agents may be wondering if this is just another Web3-NFT-cryptocurrency craze thing that will disappear if they ignore it. The answer from...
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These Untapped Lead Sources Could Give Your Real Estate Brokerage Your Best Year Yet
If there's one thing brokers can never have enough of, it's leads. These days, there are lots of people who are ready to buy, but inventory is stubbornly low, for all sorts of reasons. But there's no need to wring your hands or give up out of frustration: there are still areas of untapped leads if you know where to look. Is your brokerage ignoring...
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The Importance of E&O: Best Practices and Emerging Risks for REALTORS
Wednesday, September 20, 2023 at 11:00 AM PDT The presentation will center on how E&O insurance protects both your business and personal assets by highlighting examples of real life claims scenarios encountered by REALTORS. The webinar will detail best practices for REALTORS during the performance of professional services to avoid claims and touch...
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Realtor.com Launches Listing Toolkit for Agents to Win and Sell More Listings
he first-of-its-kind solution empowers real estate professionals with tools to impress sellers, drive demand from buyers and get listings sold SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 13, 2023 -- Maintaining a healthy pipeline of seller clients and listings is critical for many real estate professionals and their business growth, and especially as high mortgage...
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