How to Identify Red Flags on Rental Applications

How to Identify Red Flags on Rental Applications


May 24, 2023 


How to Identify Red Flags on Rental Applications
If you are looking for rental horror stories, you need look no further than Buzzfeed and social media sites like Reddit. You'll find stories of unpaid rent, damaged apartments, unreasonable tenants, scams, and unpaid utilities and charges. No landlord or property manager wants to rent to this kind of horror-story tenant. Fortunately, there are ways...
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[Podcast] Build Confidence, Captivate Viewers and Convert Them into Leads with Chelsea Peitz
In this episode of Decoding Real Estate, we welcome real estate's go-to guide for social media marketing, Chelsea Peitz. As a consultant and coach, Chelsea specializes in camera-first branding and social media strategies. She frequently speaks to real estate agents, teams and companies on topics ranging from disruptive innovation, social media trends...
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eXp Launches the eXp Luxury Design Center
eXp Realty is enhancing services and investments in its luxury division with the launch of the eXp Luxury Design Center and exclusive training. "We are dedicated to investing in our luxury agents through our forward-thinking eXp Luxury program that features industry-leading tools and innovative technologies," said Michael Valdes, Chief Growth Officer....
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Realtor.com Agent Profile Basics
Multiple dates In this short and sweet session, you'll learn how the Realtor.com agent profile can increase your online visibility and get your more business! We'll show how your profile showcases your local brand to net you more leads. You'll learn how to post your recommendations and testimonials as well as take advantage of our Ratings and Reviews...
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Auction.io Acquires Home-Buying Platform Doorsey
DALLAS, May 17, 2023 - Auction.io, a leading B2B SaaS provider of auction and e-commerce solutions that has processed more than 1 billion auction transactions for Fortune 500 and middle-market companies, announced today that it has acquired Doorsey, a modern high-tech online platform designed to facilitate and improve real estate transactions for buyers,...
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