To AI or Not to AI: What are the risks and rewards?

To AI or Not to AI: What are the risks and rewards?


May 18, 2023 


To AI or Not to AI: What are the risks and rewards?
The real estate industry is poised to adopt rapid technological advancements quickly, and artificial intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of these innovations. For real estate agents, the question is no longer whether to use AI but how to use it effectively and responsibly. But what are the risks and rewards of incorporating AI into your real estate...
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Data Layers on Maps in RPR
You're a REALTOR® working with a client dreaming of buying her first home. She's watched prices snowball in her preferred neighborhoods and has made several offers without success. Her enthusiasm is waning. What to do? Take advantage of the new-and-improved housing market data overlays on the maps in Realtors Property Resource® (RPR). Start with...
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Maximizing the Sale of Your Brokerage
As the owner of a real estate brokerage firm, you have invested years of hard work and dedication into building your business. But at some point, you may start to consider selling your company, whether it's to pursue other career goals or to retire comfortably. The question is: when is the best time to sell? The answer is simple, but not always easy...
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3 Essential Digital Services to Create More Value for Your Real Estate Clients
Tuesday, May 23, 2023 at 10:00 AM PDT Join us for an informative webinar to discover the latest digital services in real estate that can help you streamline transactions for your clients and save them both time and money. Our panel of experts will showcase their innovative solutions that have revolutionized the industry. Here are some of the topics...
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Curbio Adds Pay-When-You-Sell Home Staging Services to Help Realtors Reduce Number of Partners Needed to Get Homes Ready for Market
The leading fix-now, pay-when-you-sell home improvement solution makes it easy to repair, update and stage homes without having to pay out of pocket POTOMAC, Md., May 17, 2023 -- Curbio, Inc., the leading pay-at-closing home improvement solution for the real estate industry, today announces the launch of its new home staging service. Real estate agents...
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