Why You Should Slide into the DMs of Your Real Estate Leads

Why You Should Slide into the DMs of Your Real Estate Leads


May 15, 2023 


Why You Should Slide into the DMs of Your Real Estate Leads
Sliding into someone's DMs isn't just for amorous suitors on social media — it's also a great strategy to employ with real estate leads. And it's as simple as sparking a conversation with interesting posts on social media. Did someone comment on your post about the local real estate market? Reply briefly to them and then take it to their direct...
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The Benefits of Notification Systems on Real Estate Websites
Notification systems are automated tools that allow real estate websites to notify clients about newly listed properties that match their preferences. With the help of an auto-notification system, clients can be kept up-to-date on new listings, price drops, and other updates in real-time. In this article, we will explore the benefits of having notification...
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Strategic Failure
Preparing for a strategic planning session involves a process of gaining a holistic view of the organization. Understanding your customer's perspective is always the primary driver that informs everything. But understanding of staff culture and capabilities, system strengths and limitations, financial conditions, and industry trends pave a path to...
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Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm edition) + Earnnest
Multiple dates Earnnest allows for a fully digital transfer of funds in real estate transactions. Think about us as the "Venmo for real estate." We provide total transparency with real-time payment tracking and an auto-generated payment receipt once the buyer clicks pay in our system. This digital platform saves you — and your clients — time In...
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Realty Connect Expands and Enlists Happy Grasshopper to Power Agent Communication
Now licensed in 29 states, Realty Connect offers their agents a White Label version of Happy Grasshopper's platform TAMPA, Fla. - PrZen -- Realty Connect, an innovative real estate brokerage for "referral only" agents, announces their licensing in 29 states (only one to do so) and integration with HappyGrasshopper, the #1 content platform for agents...
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