How to Close 1 Home and Get 3 More Clients

How to Close 1 Home and Get 3 More Clients


March 08, 2023 


How to Close 1 Home and Get 3 More Clients
Success begets success, as the saying goes. And the successful sale of a home is an opportunity to gain more business. How? Realtor Jaime Resendiz has a system for gaining new clients when a transaction closes, and he shares his method in this video. Watch the clip above to learn: The importance of closing gifts Three criteria for effective closing...
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How to Migrate Your Website Hosting Without Affecting SEO
As your real estate website grows, it may be necessary to migrate it at some point. Unfortunately, the process of migrating your website to another host is not easy. It takes a great deal of thought and consideration to migrate your website effectively. For example, suppose you have invested significant time and effort into search engine optimization....
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Revive and NextHome Partner to Deliver More Move-in Ready Homes to Agents
In today's market, the largest proportion of homebuyers — Millennials, comprising a full 43 percent of the homebuying population — are seeking homes that are ready for them to move in today. The latest research shows that 70 percent of Millennial home buyers will choose a smaller home that's move-in-ready over a larger home that needs some attention. Revive,...
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dotloop 2.0 for Agents
Multiple dates Learn about the features available for agents in this new transaction experience. It's all about simplicity and removing unnecessary friction so brokers, teams, agents, and clients can seamlessly collaborate. What you'll learn: How to get early access to the new experience Deep dive into new and exciting features How to share...
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MoveEasy Offers a Lifetime Engagement Homeowner Service for RE/MAX Agents
The concierge platform and approved supplier of RE/MAX is helping agents stay connected with their clients COLUMBUS, Ohio -- MoveEasy, a comprehensive, all-in-one, moving and home management system for brokerages and homeowners, has been an approved RE/MAX supplier since 2021 and offers their agents a better way to stay connected with their clients. "We've...
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