What Are You Getting Paid for? Explaining Your Real Estate Agent Remuneration

What Are You Getting Paid for? Explaining Your Real Estate Agent Remuneration


March 02, 2023 


What Are You Getting Paid for? Explaining Your Real Estate Agent Remuneration
Let's talk about money. Big commissions are why you got into real estate, but how do you justify the amount you charge for your services? "Why do I need a real estate agent?" is often the first question sellers ask themselves when thinking about selling their house. It is natural for the consumer to query their Realtor on how much commission they will...
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Our Top 10 Most-Read Articles of February
The future is already here, and today's real estate professionals are learning what impact advanced technologies, like artificial intelligence, will have on their business. That's a topic that was on the minds of our readers in February, if our monthly most-read articles list is anything to go by. Last month, RE Technology readers devoured articles...
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Tap into Big Data with RPR and Esri Tapestry Segmentation
Looking for the optimal business site? The right customers to support a business? A high-traffic area packed with disposable incomes that offers a significant ROI? Understanding consumer segmentation data can help lead you to the answers and working in RPR can help you build a commercial real estate strategy that's based on consumer and market trends,...
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Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm edition) + Earnnest
Multiple dates Earnnest allows for a fully digital transfer of funds in real estate transactions. Think about us as the "Venmo for real estate." We provide total transparency with real-time payment tracking and an auto-generated payment receipt once the buyer clicks pay in our system. This digital platform saves you — and your clients — time In...
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Redfin Reports The Typical U.S. Home Changes Hands Every 12 Years, Down From 2020 Peak
Homeowner tenure is down from the peak reached in 2020, but it has nearly doubled over the last couple decades, contributing to the lack of for-sale inventory SEATTLE — The typical U.S. homeowner has spent 12.3 years in their home, according to a new report from Redfin, the technology-powered real estate brokerage. That's down from the peak of 13.4...
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