The Only Follow-Up Plan You Need for Seller Leads

The Only Follow-Up Plan You Need for Seller Leads


February 28, 2023 


The Only Follow-Up Plan You Need for Seller Leads
Perhaps you have the right plan in place for your buyer leads, but you're struggling to engage and nurture your seller leads, or maybe you just need some fresh ideas. Either way, here's a solid plan to create more conversations and land more listings. And did I mention this plan includes eleven weeks of touches? Best Practices for Following up with...
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Home Concierge Programs: Are They Worth It?
Nearly every listing agent for resale properties offers advice about the condition of the home and what features can be improved. Whether it's a coat of paint or new kitchen counters, most homes need a refresh in order to appeal to today's buyers. Even at the height of the buying frenzy when sellers had the upper hand in most markets, the majority...
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4 Best Practices for Maintaining High-performing Agents at Your Brokerage
Maintaining a successful brokerage means ensuring that all agents perform at their best. As leaders of brokerages, you might have noticed how challenging it is to manage human resources. Thus, real estate brokers must adopt the best practices to keep their agents engaged to encourage high performance. In today's article, we will share a few ideas for...
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Agent SEO Basics
Multiple dates In this short session, you'll learn what search engine optimization is and how it works, specifically for real estate, and how you can implement easy strategies yourself, without the need to pay an expensive professional. We'll learn techniques for increasing the visibility of your listings; how you can make them easily found and indexed...
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Homes owned by Black families appreciated the fastest during the pandemic
Black Americans' housing wealth has made strides, but remains well below that of the typical U.S. household SEATTLE, Feb. 27, 2023 -- Homes owned by Black families appreciated more than any others since the start of the pandemic, with the typical Black homeowner gaining nearly $84,000 in equity. Black Americans also made slight gains in homeownership...
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