Understanding and Leveraging Your Network to Grow Your Business

Understanding and Leveraging Your Network to Grow Your Business


February 24, 2023 


Understanding and Leveraging Your Network to Grow Your Business
"Sphere of influence" has become a popular term in the real estate world, but it's more than just the latest buzzword. A sphere of influence defines your reach in the real estate market — through social, professional and community connections. This broad collection of congruent paths leading to your doorstep is where the majority of your leads will...
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Balancing the Roles of 'Agent' and 'Advocate'
Ideally, advocacy is part of your practice as an agent. Agents are, by definition, active—you work to produce the desired outcome for your clients when it comes to their real estate journey. To do that, you defend, promote, and support their interests—you advocate on their behalf. There are so many moments, big and small, throughout any real estate...
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RE/MAX Marketplace Adds 11 Vendors
RE/MAX announced the addition of eleven companies to the RE/MAX Approved Supplier program. The new additions, spanning anti-crime resources, advanced real estate technology and sophisticated marketing services, equip affiliates with top resources that are simple to implement. The curated vendors enable real estate agents to focus on what they do best...
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Use Virtual Staging to Close Transactions Faster
Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 2:00 PM PST We know how challenging it can be to showcase a property’s full potential. What is the solution? Virtual staging. Join us as we discuss how 3DApartment and CAPTUR3D are breaking new ground for immersive property staging. With fully customizable options, you can select a design style within minutes and with...
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Chime's AI Assistant Delivers Nearly 95% Conversational Accuracy
Quality of AI-Human interactions consistently improved through built-in machine learning algorithms and dedicated training team PHOENIX, Feb. 20, 2023 -- Chime Technologies, an award-winning real estate tech innovator, today announced the overwhelming year over year success of its intuitive chatbot AI Assistant in helping increase agent productivity...
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