What Should Your Open House Tech Checklist Contain? 9 Must-Do Items

What Should Your Open House Tech Checklist Contain? 9 Must-Do Items


February 23, 2023 


What Should Your Open House Tech Checklist Contain? 9 Must-Do Items
Open houses are a tradition that started more than 100 years ago. According to the National Association of Realtors, before 1919, anyone could claim to be a real estate broker. So when a home went up for sale, multiple "For Sale" signs, each from a different broker, could be strewn all over the lawn. The open house, like the first professional real...
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Black History Month: Resources and Trainings
To continue our Black History Month series, here's a list of resources and studies for educating yourself on the profiling, racism, and barriers that Black and African-American people come up against in the housing industry. Studies/News about racial discrimination and profiling in housing Appraised – The Persistent Evaluation of White Neighborhoods...
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[Podcast] Jay Voorhees on Building Your Brokerage Team with Virtual Assistants
Jay Voorhees is a broker and the Founder of JVM Lending. He's been in the mortgage arena for over 25 years and has built a super team with no loan officers, very low rates, and the best client experiences in the industry. Hear how to build your real estate team with virtual assistants (VAs), find the right VAs, establish a consistent hiring approach,...
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Interest Rates: The 1/10 Rule
Multiple dates Join subject matter expert Karen Schlosser as she explains how interest rates affect your client's budget in what is known as the 1:10 rule. Karen is joined by dotloop's Director of Training, Hunter Morgan, to show you how to add and utilize the free 'Buying Power Calculator' interactive document to your account. What you'll learn: How...
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Redfin Reports U.S. Homeowners Have Lost $2.3 Trillion in Value Since June Peak
The Bay Area housing market has lost more value in percentage terms than anywhere else in the country amid sluggish demand. Florida continues to see large gains. SEATTLE — The total value of U.S. homes was $45.3 trillion at the end of 2022, down 4.9% ($2.3 trillion) from a record high of $47.7 trillion in June, according to a new report from Redfin,...
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