How to Take Advantage of This Real Estate Market

How to Take Advantage of This Real Estate Market


November 23, 2022 


How to Take Advantage of This Real Estate Market
Agents, how are you viewing this market shift? Rather than seeing it as a slow-down period, you should be thinking about it as your chance to gain the upper hand and boost your business for years to come. Now that you can come up for air, it's time to focus on your business, budgeting, and best practices. With the new year right around the corner,...
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Real Estate Branding: 6 Steps for Agent Success
Quick: name three brands! Don't read further until you do. Seriously. We'll wait... Okay, so which came to mind? Maybe popular consumer brands like Coca-Cola and Nike, or perhaps big-name brokerages like Keller Williams and Century 21. Because of branding, you already have an idea in your head about what those companies stand for or represent and...
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CRM Crash Course for Real Estate Brokers
Real estate always has been and always will be a people-first industry. From the people who buy and sell (or rent!) their homes, to the people who work tirelessly to help those buyers and sellers—everyone has a stake in real estate. So it's no wonder that the interactions between people have always been so essential to the industry. But as people...
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New to RPR? Start Here to Boost Your Business
Thursday, December 1, 2022 at 9:00 AM PST Are you getting started with RPR? This is the class for you! In this 45 minute webinar, you'll learn some RPR basics, such as how to: Quickly conduct property searches Prepare for listing presentations Generate CMAs Efficiently prospect neighborhoods Share reports via email, text or on social media And...
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MooveGuru Launches HomeKeepr to Its User Network of 370,000 Agents, Loan Officers and Title Reps
Atlanta, November 8, 2022 -- HomeKeepr's network of 370,000 agents, loan officers and title reps as well as their consumer contacts, are now using an enhanced suite of HomeKeepr's products and services. "It's actually a relaunch," says Rob Morelli, President of HomeKeepr. "After MooveGuru acquired HomeKeepr in 2020, we started a significant investment...
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