Why Your Buyer May Be Dissatisfied with Their New Home

Why Your Buyer May Be Dissatisfied with Their New Home


November 09, 2022 


Why Your Buyer May Be Dissatisfied with Their New Home
Everyone wants to know that their purchase is satisfaction guaranteed. But FOMO (the fear of missing out) has led to "I can't get no satisfaction" for many people across the nation. Homebuyer's remorse is not something you want to hear about when trying to build your real estate business. It is difficult for buyers to fully understand a property when...
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The Real Estate Agent's Guide to Liability Protection
When a home sale closes, it can feel like the end of a journey. Finally, after open houses, showings, contracts, revisions, and all the myriad steps involved, the client gets to move into their new home and your job is done. Unfortunately, things aren't always so cut and dry, especially with mortgage rates, prices, and chances of buyer's remorse on...
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New Study Reveals Increased Transparency on Commissions Leads to Increased Value in Consumers' Eyes
WAV Group's new Buyer Agent Commission Study reveals many insights from buyers about their awareness, understanding and appreciation of how commissions work when buying a home. Chief among these insights is the undeniable connection between transparency and perceived value on the part of home buyers. Those who indicated they were "totally clear" about...
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Supercharge Your 2023 Strategy with Data-rich Listing Content
Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 8:00 am PST Restb.ai and LocalLogic invite industry professionals Lisa Larson, Pierre Calzadilla and Amy Gorce to cover all you need to know about how you can leverage AI technology to modernize your MLS's and automate data-rich listing content. Don't leave money on the table this upcoming year. Set yourself up for...
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The Residential Real Estate Council Hires CEO
CHICAGO, Nov. 08, 2022 -- The Residential Real Estate Council (RRC), the real estate industry's leading education and networking membership organization, is proud to announce the start of Jeff Hornberger as the new Chief Executive Officer. Hornberger is a seasoned global business development executive with over 20 years of experience with an emphasis...
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