5 Reasons Agent Teams Get More Leads Than Solo Agents

5 Reasons Agent Teams Get More Leads Than Solo Agents


November 08, 2022 


5 Reasons Agent Teams Get More Leads Than Solo Agents
Have you ever considered working as a real estate team, or are you already part of one? If so, there are a lot of benefits to working as a dynamic duo, and if not, you may want to think about it. Stats from around the industry show that team agents tend to get more leads than solo agents. But why? Here are the top five reasons real estate agent teams...
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Study Identifies Challenges of New Agents and What It Takes to Succeed in Real Estate
A record number of Americans became real estate agents in recent years. It can be a challenging career for newcomers, and the early struggles to find success means only 4 in 10 new real estate professionals are confident about having a long-term career in real estate, according to Realtor.com®'s new #ThrivePastFive study. Realtor.com® recently surveyed...
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Common Friction Points When Generating Website Leads
Companies spend a ton of money on search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) digital advertising to get people (a.k.a. potential leads!) to visit their website—only to see them leave without providing their contact information. Why? Challenge: converting the leads you already have Many consumers have valid security or privacy concerns...
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How Do I Write a Strong Offer?
Multiple dates Take a break from the dotloop-how-to videos and join us as we take an in depth look at the techniques used by agents today to win offers for their clients. As you will learn, it's not always the highest offer that's accepted, so if you need more tools in your belt come download Karen's checklist! What you'll learn: How various contingencies...
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Second Century Ventures Selects Six Tech Companies for 2023 REACH Canada Program
VANCOUVER (November 7, 2022) – Second Century Ventures, the strategic investment arm of the National Association of Realtors®, today announced the six companies selected for its 2023 REACH Canada program. These firms operate within a diverse range of market segments and specializations, helping agents and brokers become more efficient as they serve...
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