Buyer Leads Think You're a Tour Guide? Here's What to Say

Buyer Leads Think You're a Tour Guide? Here's What to Say


November 07, 2022 


Buyer Leads Think You're a Tour Guide? Here's What to Say
Have you ever encountered buyers that want you to show them houses... but they "don't want to buy for at least a year"? Those aren't serious buyers, and any time spent showing them homes isn't likely to result in you being compensated for your efforts. So how do you handle these buyers? Realtor Karin Carr has just the script for that, and she shares...
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5 Strategic Tips to Make You a Social Media Pro
Social media is known to be a great way to build your brand and engage through multiple platforms. Your social media presence tells your brand story to new clients and displays your business' personality to potential clients. Your social profiles act as the voice that your brand needs. You want to keep your social media posts professional but also...
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Two Amazing Cultures Come Together to Create One Great Company
Two amazing cultures have merged to create greatness together. Even in these volatile times, the best run companies find opportunity together. Richardson Properties of San Luis Obispo in the California central coast was an exceptionally well run family business for over 30 years. LIV Sotheby's CEO saw an amazing opportunity to acquire a solid operation...
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Down Payment Programs 101: What Every Agent Needs to Know
Thursday, November 10, 2022 at 10:00 AM PST The main reason your buyers postpone their homeownership dream? Saving for a down payment. But there are valuable programs to help today's buyers. Learn the basics about the three most common types of homeownership programs, how to find out who offers this help, and what's available across the country--and...
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Home showing traffic continues to decline, still remains above pre-pandemic norms
Buyer foot traffic decreased from last month and last year amid higher mortgage rates and continued inventory challenges, according to the latest data from ShowingTime CHICAGO, Oct. 27, 2022 – Home showing traffic continued its decline in September, according to the latest data from the ShowingTime Showing Index®. Affordability remains a major...
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