4 Chrome Extensions to Make Your Browser Work for You

4 Chrome Extensions to Make Your Browser Work for You


November 01, 2022 


4 Chrome Extensions to Make Your Browser Work for You
Did you know that Google's Chrome browser offers thousands of extensions that you can install to boost your productivity? Like apps for your mobile phone, these add-ons range from social media sharing buttons to extensions that block online distractions so that you can better focus on important tasks. In this video, Realtor Loida Velasquez shares...
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Social Media and Kids: 5 Ways Realtor Parents Can Monitor What's Going On
As a parent, what can you do to protect your child from the potential dangers of social media? After all, while nearly all social networking sites allow users 13 years and older, it is not uncommon to discover children younger than 13 are active on social media. In fact, 95% of all teens use YouTube, and two out of three teens use TikTok, according...
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kvCORE Innovates Around Helping Agents Stay Connected to Clients
This past week, Inside Real Estate, the developers of kvCORE, released two features that are sure to have an impact on maintaining client relationships. They announced the release of CORE Home and of Sell Pages. In many ways, these two products reimagine very popular data driven applications that consumers love and demand. CORE Home With CORE Home,...
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Make a Lasting Impression with Your Listing Presentation
Monday, November 7, 2022 at 11:00 AM PST Sell yourself and your skills with a leave-behind your clients can really get behind. In this 45-minute webinar, you'll gain the skills necessary to put together a winning listing presentation, by: Helping your sellers digest information in a way that helps them make better decisions Interpreting data...
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Pressure is back on sellers to attract buyers as demand softens
Homes that sell are doing so quickly, while others are languishing on the market SEATTLE, Oct. 31, 2022 -- The housing market is rebalancing after the most competitive and frenetic period in recent memory. While homes that sell are still doing so relatively quickly — slower than at the height of last year's frenzy, but more quickly than pre-pandemic...
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