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2 Facebook Lookalike Audiences that Can Boost Your Real Estate Sales
One of Facebook's advertising features that Realtors are significantly underutilizing is 'Lookalike Audiences.' Properly harnessing lookalike audiences will not only help you spread your brand further, but also give you access to fantastic potential clients you probably would not be able to attract any other way. But first, let's examine the following: What Is A Lookalike
Common Facebook Ad Mistakes to Avoid
Facebook is an ever-evolving platform, and with every change you have to reexamine the way you advertise. Even with their recent algorithm changes, Facebook advertising still creates significant benefits for your real estate business by placing your ads in front of consumers. In order to make the most of your advertising opportunities, you should avoid making these common mistakes before you start spending ad
Are Digital Ads the New Drip Campaign?
E-mail marketing is a proven, affordable way for real estate agents to earn new and maintain existing relationships. It's not quite as easy as the popular term "drip campaign" suggests it might be, however. Drip campaigns imply that the same message can be left to "drip" into inboxes month after month, sent with the hope that eventually someone either gets annoyed enough to unsubscribe or hopefully, calls to inquire about a listing. In short, the idea that any marketing effort can be run totally hands-free and still pay off represents a rather fundamental misunderstanding of how marketing works. This is why every few months, major consumer brands adjust their message and run new commercials. They test and measure to find out what resonates. Making matters somewhat worse is the growing number of CRMs that automate not just content delivery, but content creative, too. Marketing can indeed be automated and effective. But it can't be left unmonitored, only to eventually drip its way into the SPAM folders of forgotten