About SmartZip SmartZip Analytics is a national leader in predictive marketing solutions for the real estate industry. Using patent-pending predictive analytics, automated marketing campaigns and smart CRM follow-up tools, SmartZip makes big data actionable for real estate professionals. Our flagship product, SmartTargeting, helps agents land more listings by identifying and targeting the homeowners most likely to sell in any neighborhood across the U.S. As a rapidly growing startup backed by Intel Capital, SmartZip has assembled the most talented team and comprehensive predictive marketing platform in the industry. See how SmartZip is built for your needs Whether you’re an individual agent or a large enterprise, SmartZip gives you the tools you need to generate a higher volume of new, referral and repeat business. SMALL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Use big data listing predictions to send automated marketing campaigns to the homeowners most likely to sell. Next, follow deep insights and tested best practices to build trust and win listings. Recruit and retain talent by offering access to data-backed listing opportunities. Track marketing and follow-up to keep your team accountable as they land more real estate listings. ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS Build stronger relationships with real estate agents by sharing the latest technology to identify potential home buyers or sellers in their area. Leverage predictive analytics to identify homeowners that are most likely to move. Empower your agents with automatic referral marketing and target top loan prospects using pre-mover scores. Our Products SmartTargeting: Prospect easier and smarter with a single platform that combines big data, predictive analytics and automated marketing to grow your business. Sphere: Sphere, now a part of SmartTargeting, combines predictive analytics with automated marketing to help you stay connected to your sphere and grow your listings business. You'll unlock seller predictions within your sphere and build your brand and referral business with automated marketing campaigns. Reach 150: Reach150 is a systematic and simple way to grow your business through referrals Pre-Mover Scores: With the new SmartTargeting lender solution, you can analyze your marketing database or any geographic area to look for top loan prospects based on SmartZip’s Pre-Mover Score. Next, streamline your sales and marketing efforts through SmartZip’s automated marketing platform to focus on the homeowners scientifically predicted to move within the next six months. OutReach: Outreach takes the burden off for rapid lead response. It filters out lower qualified listing candidates and sends vetted and qualified leads quickly to you. Outreach increases your conversion rates and listings success. Smart CRM: It's time to simplify your outreach and lead management. Whether you're following up from your desk or on the go, our smart CRM technology lets you schedule, perform and log your follow up activities in mere seconds. Need a way to stay focused? Drown out distractions by using CheckIn, a smart, mobile CRM app that powers your outreach. Follow daily actions and use deep insights to CheckIn with ease — even when you're busy. For more information about these services, please visit