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Welcome to the power of PRODUCTIVITY.  The power of ONE singular platform for all of your lead generation, digital marketing, and client collaboration.  The power of ELEVATE. 



Elevate offers Brokers, Agents and Teams an intuitive, consolidated marketing experience including IDX websites, online lead generation, automated email and text campaigns, social media marketing, blogging, daily market reports, a CMA wizard and an at-a-glance performance dashboard, all backed by fanatical training and support.

Automated Marketing for Busy Real Estate Professionals
Elevate subscribers save valuable time using Elevate’s automated marketing workflows.  Imagine automated email and text messages to your prospects, new listings and relevant life-style content automatically posted to your website, blog and social channels, and daily market reports automatically sent to your active buyers.  Wow!

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Brokerages will LOVE Elevate BOSS. 
Alongside all of the robust features of Elevate, BOSS also offers insight into key performance indicators within your office and across your agents, allowing you to make the best decisions for you and your company; as well as a recruitment module that makes curating and connecting with prospective agents incredibly easy. Nice!

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Looking for buyer / seller leads? 
Elevate offers a variety of different lead generation options designed to support your needs and your budget.  Our unique pay-per-click (PPC) lead generation captures buyers and sellers with intent inside of Google, Yahoo, Bing and social media.  Sweet!

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Attend a Social Media Marketing Boot Camp
Elevate offers energic onsite & online educational boot camps to help brokers, agents & teams excel.  Designed to energize and empower, the Elevate Boot Camp series provides, tips, tricks & strategies on everything from social media marketing, lead generation, nurturing & conversion, and much more.

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5 Habits You Can Stick to for a Consistent and Engaging Social Media Presence
As a real estate pro in this modern, smartphone-centered day and age, you already know how crucial it is to have a solid online presence. But it's not enough to simply sign up for a social media business profile, post here and there, and kick up your feet. You must draw audiences in and let them know you're always available through your social media profile. It's not another task to add to the pile; it's your real estate business's social media presence, an important pillar for your brand and your success. Why You Need a Strong Social Media Presence Social media is a unique beast: it's where impressions are made, influence is grown, and consumer opinions and actions are completely swayed. It's also a crucial piece of the real estate puzzle. After all, prospective clientele might be browsing your profile, so you want to ensure you're consistent and engaging. As we said, it's not just to check a box. On social media, you're not just competing for space with other real estate agents, you're competing with countless other online users, influencers, famous figures, and business profiles. It's not to discourage you; the algorithms used by social media profiles will help ensure your content is seen by users who would think it's relevant. 5 Impactful Habits to Help You Form a Consistent and Engaging Social Media Presence So, how exactly can you cut through the social media noise? Enter: being consistent and engaging. By posting and updating consistently, and engaging with interactions you receive, the algorithm will be more likely to push your content so the same audience — and similar ones — will see your posts and updates more often. In turn, your engagement increases, and your social media presence grows. It's not as hard as it sounds, and we'll guide you with these five easy, impactful habits you can start using to accomplish just that. 1. Set a Reminder on Your Calendar We're emphasizing easy, so start with a bite-sized first step. Go over to your work calendar and block out 15 to 30 minutes in the first half of the day and the second to engage on social media. Leave comments, like or react to posts, respond to messages — you get the idea. Then, block out at least one hour per week you'll dedicate to creating content. Aim to create content that speaks to and resonates with your target audience, is educational, and makes people want to engage with what you post. 2. Create Content That Makes People Want to Engage How can you make content that spurs action, inspires users, and gets engagement? One recommendation is to create content from a place of authenticity. By being authentic on social media, users will feel more like they can relate to you, and be more likely to engage with what you're posting. Create polls or ask for questions on your Facebook posts or Instagram Story. Post a brief video on your opinion on the latest real estate trends, or your take on market shifts in your local area. Or, share your very own curated local guide to the best things in your ZIP code. Use hashtags to help these posts get found more easily, post these types of content consistently, and watch as engagement rolls in. 3. Use a Content Calendar and Use it Regularly Consistency is key to cutting through social media noise. The more you post, and the more engagement you capture, the more likely the social media algorithms are to push your content to broader, but relevant, audiences. Download a content calendar template, fill it out, and stick to it. Using a content calendar will help you keep your content ideas in one place so you know what to create, and will also help you stay on the straight and narrow of posting on a regular basis. 4. Leverage Your Daily Life for Content Creation Inspiration If you're still scratching your head on what you can possibly create for social media content, or if you're ready and raring to fill up your shiny new content calendar, consider using your own daily life as a real estate pro to create content. Record your latest listing or open house with your smartphone, snap a quick shot of your latest clients in front of their new home, or consider recording a day in the life of a real estate agent. These are just a few ideas to get you going, and we know you have a ton more. So use them! 5. Respond, React, Reshare You've got content creation and posting down pat, so don't forget to actually engage. When people comment on your posts, respond to each one and give it a thumbs up. If you get a direct message, respond to it as promptly as you can — or even use it as an intro to take the conversation offline. Engage with similar real estate creators, in your niche or industry or even industry-adjacent pros, like loan officers or home construction builders. Think of this like fostering your digital community, especially as it opens the door to even more engagement with your social media presence. Ready, Set, Post! To view the original article, visit the Inside Real Estate blog. Related reading Mastering Instagram: Best practices for real estate agents A TikTok Trend to Revamp Your Pipeline: Tap Into the Triangle Method How Real Estate Agents Can Build a Professional Network on
Friday Freebie: One Month of a .realtor™ or .realestate Premium Website
Want to give your online brand a boost in 2024? Consider trading in your tired .com website for a shiny, new .realtor™ or .realestate website. Switching to a real estate-focused domain announces that you're a trusted REALTOR® — and it looks pretty eye-catching on marketing materials, too. We want to make taking the leap as easy as possible for you, and that's why we're highlighting an exclusive offer from the National Association of REALTORS® Top Level Domains in this week's Friday Freebie. Read on to learn how to claim this deal! Get a Free Month of a Premium .realtor™ or .realestate Website, courtesy of Get.realtor! You're busy selling homes — and that means you probably don't have the time or the interest in becoming a webmaster. Fortunately, every .realtor™ or .realestate domain from get.realtor comes with a professional looking website that's easy to set up and edit as needed. Your website can be up and running in just minutes — and it's SEO-optimized, lead generating and mobile friendly, to boot. But if you'd like a little more flexibility (or just want a next-level site), consider upgrading to the Premium website package. Check out an example here! It's free for RE Technology readers to try for one month with promo code RETECH, and it includes these extra features: Full website editor capability: Access to all available widgets Multi-page website template with blog and video capabilities AudioEye, an ADA platform Onboarding and how-to videos, guides, webinars and more Unlimited client testimonials Ability to add your own IDX service And more! Ready for a website that helps you stand out from the competition? Use promo code RETECH to claim your FREE month of a .realtor™ or .realestate Premium website
Supercharge Your Lead Generation: Proven strategies for real estate agents in 2024
Need help to keep up with real estate lead generation? As an agent, you need top-notch leads in a competitive market. In 2024, effective lead-gen strategies are crucial. Stay ahead and adapt to attract and convert leads into valued clients. Ready to embrace innovative approaches to thrive in today's market? Let's explore strategies for sustainable growth. Understanding the evolution of lead generation The lead generation landscape in the real estate industry has undergone a significant transformation over the years. Understanding the historical evolution of lead generation methods to adapt and thrive in the modern market is important. Traditional lead generation methods Traditional methods like cold calling and direct mail generated leads in the past. But with changing consumer behaviors, these techniques can be time-consuming, costly and met with skepticism when trying to reach a digitally savvy audience. Digital transformation in lead generation The digital revolution has transformed real estate lead generation through platforms like social media, SEO and online ads. Using digital strategies allows you to reach a wider audience, connect with prospects personally, and attract leads through targeted campaigns. Embracing digital helps streamline lead generation processes, lower the cost per lead and remain competitive. Understanding the evolution of lead generation from traditional methods to digital platforms is pivotal for maximizing your reach and generating quality leads in 2024 and beyond. Leveraging data and analytics for targeted leads Leveraging data and analytics has become imperative to stay ahead. By harnessing the power of customer relationship management (CRM) systems and analyzing market trends through predictive modeling, you can gain a competitive edge in reaching potential leads and maximizing conversions. Utilizing customer relationship management (CRM) systems Embracing CRM offers numerous benefits. You can unlock a treasure trove of advantages that can elevate your interactions with customers. Dive deep into your prospects' preferences, effortlessly streamline tasks, and shift your energy toward forging meaningful connections that drive growth. Check out how companies like LionDesk and HubSpot CRM systems can revolutionize your customer interactions and supercharge your success. Analyzing market trends and predictive modeling Analyzing market trends and using predictive modeling helps you find potential leads and forecast buyer behavior. Integrating data and analytics into your lead generation strategies allows you to understand consumer behavior and tailor your outreach to specific demographics. Building an engaging online presence In today's digital landscape, an engaging online presence is vital for attracting and converting leads. Let's dive into the key strategies and elements contributing to a compelling online presence. Optimizing search engine visibility Enhancing search engine visibility through strategic SEO practices can help boost your online presence. In practice this means optimizing your website by incorporating relevant keywords, creating valuable content and ensuring mobile responsiveness. By prioritizing local keywords, meta descriptions and high-quality backlinks, you can significantly increase organic traffic to your website and generate more leads. Content marketing strategies Content marketing is key for building authority and attracting potential leads. Connecting with clients through blog posts, videos, and virtual tours is a key opportunity to generate leads. Valuable content showcases expertise and builds trust. You can nurture relationships and drive conversions by consistently delivering content that meets client needs. Nurturing leads with personalized communication In today's real estate market, building and maintaining relationships with potential leads is crucial. Personalized communication helps nurture leads and convert them into loyal clients. Use automated workflows and social media to connect with potential buyers and sellers more effectively. Implementing automated lead nurturing workflows Automated workflows are great for nurturing leads. They help you stay in touch with leads through automated email sequences, follow-ups and targeted content. This saves time and ensures that prospects receive relevant information. Tailoring content and timing can effectively guide leads through the sales funnel, increasing conversion likelihood. Utilizing social media for relationship-building Social media platforms offer a unique opportunity to engage with potential leads personally. You can establish yourself as a trusted advisor in the real estate industry by sharing valuable and relevant content on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Engaging in discussions, answering questions and sharing success stories can boost your credibility and trust. By consistently connecting on social media, you can stay top-of-mind and build lasting relationships with potential clients. As a real estate agent, you must embrace a multifaceted approach to lead generation in 2024. By integrating traditional principles with modern technologies, you can expand your reach and engage with potential clients innovatively. It is crucial to stay adaptable and continuously evolve your strategies to align with emerging trends and consumer preferences. By doing so, you can position yourself at the forefront of lead generation efforts and drive sustainable growth in our businesses. Here's to a successful year ahead! Ready to explore iGUIDE floor plans and 3D virtual tours? Find a service provider to get started today! To view the original article, visit the iGuide blog. Related reading 10 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Stand Out Online 11 Ways to Maximize Your Real Estate Listing Exposure Optimize Your Online Listing (A 3-Part