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The Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox Advantage

  • Bluetooth® compatible
  • 100% assembled and supported in the USA
  • User replaceable batteries
  • Holds keys, fobs, and cards
  • Compact jam free design
  • Above and beyond standard industry certification


The SentriSmart™ Mobile App AdvantageSentriLock Box

  • Open lockboxes with smartphones or tablet
  • Receive instant showing notifications
  • Automatically assign or unassign to property
  • Generate one day codes
  • View access logs
  • Customize lockbox settings


The SentriCard® Advantage

  • Reliable alternative key
  • Custom membership ID card
  • Automate event attendance
  • Secure member voting
  • Automatic member surveys
  • Track open house visitors


One Day Code Advantage Secure Keyless Access For:

  • Contractors
  • Appraisers
  • Out-of-area agents
  • Locked out homeowners
  • Yourself if you forget your lockbox key


One Day Code Facts

  • One day codes are dynamic, which means they change every day
  • This provides security by giving the code a time limit to access the lockbox key department without having to visit your lockbox to change the access code
  • They are good for a specific day and can be set to expire for a specific timeframe after they are first used in the lockbox
  • Can be generated for a lockbox up to two weeks prior to when the code is actually needed
  • Assign the One Day Code to the person that will be using it and their access to the lockbox using the code will be recorded



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