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Who: SentriLock is the official lockbox solution for NAR. As the leading electronic lockbox manufacturer and provider of property access management solutions, SentriLock operates in support of REALTORS® and the industry, offering an easy to use, reliable and secure system. Fundamental core values guide every action and decision to provide the best service and experience for your benefit. 

What: The SentriLock Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox is the most secure, durable, and versatile within the industry. SentriLock’s reliable, multiple key access method, including via mobile app or keycard, helps to efficiently gain property access.

SentriKey Real Estate App

SentriLock is always finding new ways to improve its functions and features. The popular SentriSmart® app has been enhanced and renamed the SentriKey™ Real Estate app. Members can now enjoy an app with a more action-based layout, easier access to showing reports, and enhanced Bluetooth® connectivity that will especially please Android users. Learn more through this helpful tutorial.

To help you help your members get the most out of this member benefit, SentriLock offers an online marketing toolkit that includes ready-made flyers, social media posts, newsletter content, and graphics. Access resources .

How: Additional information about SentriLock’s lockbox and services is available at


Associations: Contact SentriLock directly at 866-736-2322, email [email protected] or visit

Brokers/Agents: SentriLock contracts with local REALTOR® Associations or MLSs to provide its products and services to REALTORS®. You can purchase lockboxes through your local Association or MLS, who can then authorize you to use the SentriKey™ Real Estate app, which allows you to manage your lockbox inventory, generate secure One Day Codes for access to your lockboxes, view access logs, and control your personal settings related to lockbox features and more.

Technical Support: Visit and click Contact Support for issue-specific support or connect with SentriLock at 877-736-8745, or [email protected].


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5 Realtor Safety Apps to Help Protect You and Your Clients
Being a professional real estate agent involves working with new people you do not know, and that alone can be risky business. After all, research shows that Realtors meet with prospective clients they have never met before either at their office or a neutral location 65% of the time. Nearly 40% off all Realtors hosted an open house alone last year. Almost one in five felt unsafe when doing so. Agents who have shared their stories online about coming close to avoiding a scary situation when asked to show a home point to a common experience: Something just didn't feel right about the prospect. Calls from restricted numbers, requests to see a home on a moment's notice, or a prospect overemphasizing they will be paying all cash can be warning signs, agents have shared. Several agents have revealed that some sketchy prospects have turned into stalkers – fortunately, that landed them in jail. Fortunately, over the last decade, the National Association of Realtors, along with state and local Realtor associations nationwide, have emphasized the importance of personal, professional, and community safety. Historically, September has been Realtor Safety Month, although remaining safety-conscious is a daily task for every agent. The NAR offers a repository of safety information and tips on its website (, including safety planning strategies, tips and best practices to remain safe, safety training videos, and personal protection resources, which includes safety apps for your smartphone. Do you need to use a safety app for your phone? Consider these agent safety study finding from Agent Genius: Most attacks took place on Thursday or Friday afternoons. Roughly 30% of attack victims are men. Most attacks didn't take place inside major metropolitan areas. About half of attacks involved guns. Several attacks resulted in murder, even though robbery was the original intention. Here are five real estate apps for smartphones that are designed to keep agents safe: 1. Forewarn $20 a month – individual agent What it does: Forewarn offers an instant background check. It lets you know in advance who you are about to work with by verifying identity, searching for criminal histories, and validating information provided by unknown prospects. It needs little information upfront, such as a phone number of the person the agent is planning to meet. Available both online and through its mobile app, Forewarn instantly can help agents reduce their risk through using due diligence upfront. In addition to a personal subscription plan, Forewarn is available through many Realtor associations as a member benefit. 2. Real Safe Agent $4.99 month – individual agent What it does: Real Safe Agent is one of the most robust safety apps designed for real estate agents. It uses Hoosfon to see if a prospect is using a prepaid phone as well as other key information that could indicate a red flag. With Prospect Link, Real Safe Agent offers the ability to request a selfie and photo of their driver's license. These tools are used to build an "Agent Comfort Index," which shows if a prospect has been reaching out to other agents and if those agents reported feeling uncomfortable. By leveraging a social networking design, it allows agents to identify individual safety "buddies," fellow teammates and partners, and other individuals to create a safety network of people who are alerted instantly when an agent feels threatened or is in danger. Agents can also use the app to ask for someone in their network to join them at an open house they are hosting alone via an "Accompany Me" feature. Other features include Drop-in Alerts, allowing you to ask another agent in your network to "drop in" if a someone is making you uncomfortable, and an Open House feature to arrange someone to join you when you are opening or closing – the most dangerous times of an open house. Real Safe Agent also offers a unique 9-1-1 Alerts feature, as it notes it is the only system fully integrated with the nation's 911 system, ensuring the correct address is provided to the 911 operator. The alert can be immediately deployed simply by violently shaking one's smartphone. 3. SafeShowings $4.99 month or $49.99 annually – individual agent What it does: SafeShowings, available to more than one million Realtors through their associations, protects agents and the homeowner by capturing facial images of prospects. It also collects geolocation information from your phone. If there is an alert involved, SafeShowings will automatically send the stat to your emergency contacts. During an open house or individual showing, SafeShowings captures a facial image of anyone who is about to enter a property. It allows you to set a timer during a property showing and if an agent is unable end the timer, an alert is instantly and automatically triggered. 4. Homesnap Pro Free for most agents via their local MLS Homesnap Pro+ is $599 a year, discounted to $499 a year for the first year What it does: Homesnap Pro has been downloaded by more than a million real estate agents nationwide. It has a safety tool built in to the app. Before a showing or an open house, an agent can set a safety timer. The safety timer can be set at the agent's discretion for the amount of time they plan to be at the property. The coolest feature is that the app uses Homesnap geolocation technology, which means it automatically populates the property address when you are within 2000 feet of the property you want to show. Homesnap Pro also has a Distress Alert feature that will automatically text to your emergency contacts your time-stamped location, which an agent can access at any time they feel uncomfortable or threatened. 5. SentriKey Real Estate App Subscription prices for its lockbox service vary based on local association member pricing What it does: SentriLock is the official lockbox solution for the NAR, and is an optional, subscription-based service that associations often offer to their members. Its built-in agent safety feature creates an automatic way for an agent to alert their designated emergency contacts in case of potentially dangerous situations. The Agent Safety feature automatically launches when the mobile app is used to open a SentriKey lockbox. The agent can select a set time – SentriLock recommends approximately 90 seconds — or a time determined by the agent — for the app to prompt for a status update. If the agent us unable to respond, the app will automatically alert the agent's designated emergency contacts if the agent does not or cannot confirm they are safe. Safety is not an accident As you can see, many of these safety apps often require a subscription service. But that can be a small price to pay for the peace of mind and comfort it can bring an agent. For more information about other safety technology for real estate agents, see NAR's Resources for Personal Protection. For help setting up or installing any of these safety apps, reach out on your Tech Helpline app, or call or text a Tech Helpline expert for personal and friendly assistance. To view the original article, visit the Tech Helpline
Friday Freebie: Safety Checklist for Real Estate Agents
It's September, and that means one thing in real estate: it's Realtor Safety Month! From showing properties to meeting new clients, there are a lot of things to consider to keep yourself safe on the job. To make managing your safety as straightforward as possible, this week we're highlighting a safety checklist that you can use to protect yourself across multiple scenarios. Read on to learn how to download your free copy! Free copy of The Real Estate Professional's Safety Checklist, courtesy of Zurple When it comes to safety, planning ahead (and knowing what to look out for) is the best strategy. What general strategies should you know to keep yourself safe? How about specific strategies for when you're active in the field? Prepare for all scenarios with Zurple's free real estate safety checklist. When you download your free copy, you'll get checklists for: Everyday safety tips Safety preparation Meeting new clients Parking your vehicle Showing properties Make the most of Realtor Safety Month — learn how to protect yourself and download The Real Estate Professional's Safety Checklist
[Free Download] Data Security and Privacy Toolkit for Your Business
We all know how important it is to protect our personal data, but do you have a plan in place to protect your client's confidential, personal information? As a fiduciary, you have a responsibility to protect your client's information, such as social security number, bank account information, credit card information, driver's license, and even tax return information. Think of the damage that can occur if your client's information falls into the wrong hands. Therefore, it is important that you and your brokerage have a data security and privacy plan in place. Each state has its own definition of "personal information," so be sure to do your due diligence and check with your state's laws. The National Association of REALTORS® has created a Data Security and Privacy Toolkit that provides you with tips and tools to help you and your business safeguard personal data, information on state laws, and even sample policies. Be proactive instead of reactive—create your own data security and privacy plan for your business! Download the Data Security and Privacy Toolkit To view the original article, visit the SentriLock