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What is the BPP and why does it exist?

  • Effective AlternativeMany real estate agents spend hundreds – even thousands – of dollars a month with online advertising companies for very little return. They believe they must feature their listings on third-party sites, even though they don’t always see a healthy return on their investments. They feel like they have no choice because there are no options available. That’s why BPP was started. Consumers and professionals deserve better than what advertising-driven media companies offer today. Broker Public Portal with Homesnap is the industry’s turn to speak and provide an agent-centric, industry-first, pro-consumer way to secure listing exposure and leads for agents as an alternative to what advertising companies offer.
  • Broker Public Portal is a collaborative effort owned and operated by real estate brokerages and MLSs, to deliver, through Homesnap, a better home search experience, with the same comprehensive, real-time MLS data used by real professionals - the people who list and sell homes, not ads.

  • Broker Public Portal is the industry’s largest private marketing network of MLSs, representing 800,000 agents across the country, all contributing their listings to help generate listing exposure and leads from consumers nationwide.

  • The BPP by Homesnap is agent-centric, not advertising centric. It’s designed to help agents literally with the click of one-button invite their entire sphere to search for properties alongside them, making it much easier to create relationships long before a customer is ready to buy or sell.

  • No competing agents on listings. Broker Public Portal with Homesnap follows industry-defined Fair Display Guidelines: there are no display ads from other agents or brokers on one’s listings, and all inquiries are sent to the listing agent or broker for free.

  • Encourages Agent-to-Consumer and Agent-to-Agent Collaboration: BPP is designed to promote agent-to-consumer connections as early in the search process as possible, as well as consumer-to-agent collaboration. It also fosters agent-to-agent collaboration to make it easier to work side-by-side with clients to find the home of their dreams and to work more efficiently with fellow agents in setting up showings and answering client questions quickly. The Broker Public Portal is structured to encourage consumers to connect to an agent and nurture a relationship as they begin to search for homes, or evaluate the market.

  • This program is extremely cost-effective. Agents pay no additional fees to have their listings exposed to millions of consumers every day other than their regular MLS dues. Agent’s listings are available to consumers nationwide without advertising fees.

  • ALL Properties Included: BPP with Homesnap now features over 100 million property records and over 59 million active and sold listings. 


BPP is Working, and it’s the REAL DEAL!

  • BPP offers something companies that sell ads do not: MLS and broker ownership that always puts industry stakeholders’ interests first!
  • BPP with Homesnap Grows Over 150% in its First Year.
    Broker Public Portal (BPP) since its launch with Homesnap in January last year has grown from serving 45 Multiple Listing Services to more than 120 MLSs today, representing 800,000 real estate agents and brokers.

  • Largest private marketing network of real estate professionals! The Broker Public Portal by Homesnap has already created the most extensive private real estate marketing network and is delivering a myriad of ways for agents to effectively prospect to generate significant listing exposure and leads from consumers nationwide.

  • Agents and Consumers LOVE the BPP by Homesnap. Real estate agents have invited more than 19 million clients and contacts to access MLS listing data, and 8.5 million consumers have engaged with their agents through Homesnap.

  • The Pace of Adoption is Unprecedented: Adoption rates far exceed that of most broker-offered technology with MLSs reporting, on average, 40-50% adoption rates, with adoption rates unusually high among top-producing agents.

  • Agent and Consumer Satisfaction Levels are remarkably high. According to MLS member satisfaction surveys around the country, agent satisfaction of the Homesnap app offered is very high – much higher than other established mobile apps in the market that are provided by MLSs. Among consumers, Homesnap is the highest-rated mobile real estate app in the Apple App store.

  • The BPP is Generating Business Opportunities for Real Estate Pros! 
    In Chicago, one of the MLS leaders in the U.S., MRED, reports its member agents have already invited 1.5 million consumers in Chicagoland, and 750,000 consumers downloaded the app to connect with their agent. Homesnap is generating some 4,000 leads per month -- at no cost to MRED members.

  • Thousands of Business Opportunities are being delivered!
    The Broker Public Portal is working! Homesnap has already delivered tens of thousands of leads to its participating agents and brokers - all covered by the cost of their MLS membership. None of the leads generated required the listing agent to pay any additional advertising fees; nobody had to buy a zip code, or pay to upgrade their profile to get all of these leads. All of this marketing exposure was available AS PART of their regular MLS dues.

  • Strong Ongoing product improvements and Marketing Campaigns
    BPP reinvests all of the revenue it collects back into Homesnap product development, support, and marketing. Homesnap has a tremendous development team dedicated to providing continual product enhancements, usability improvements and better ways for agents to engage with consumers. BPP and Homesnap also partner to deliver compelling and targeted marketing campaigns to increase agent adoption and foster active consumer engagement continually.
  • Homesnap Pro delivers access to the MLS on the go for agents: A mobile app branded for each agent, featuring MLS agent-only listing information (sales history, agent deal flow, showing instructions, commission splits), a full MLS roster for agent-to-agent interaction, built-in private messaging to engage buyers and sellers, an agent safety timer, Rapid CMA, agent marketing tools and more.

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