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The Real Estate Standards Organization, or RESO, is an open source not for profit membership-based organization designed to help streamline the process of gathering, normalizing and distributing data in the real estate industry. RESO’s goal is to facilitate the development of standards and utilization of global real estate data standards.


Today RESO has over 800 member organizations contributing to standards from brokerages representing nearly 1 million agents, Multiple Listing Services representing 1.2 million agents and technology companies representing hundreds of thousands of customers. The diverse membership includes companies from all over the world that are dedicated to nurturing a thriving and profitable real estate marketplace. RESO provides standardized certification services to help MLSs, brokerages and technology companies adopt standards correctly while demonstrating that they are adept at utilizing real estate standards in their businesses. MLSs can also demonstrate their compliance with NAR MLS Policy Statement 7.90 through RESO certification. RESO publishes all actively certified organizations to aid brokers and technology companies in understanding the specific standards organizations have adopted.

RESO Conferences

RESO hosts two sellout conferences a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. The conferences are a great place to learn about the power of real estate data standards and network with peers that are implementing data standards in their organizations too. These intimate, no nonsense events have helped many companies from start-ups to public companies learn how to put standardized data to work in their organizations.


Click here to register for the Fall Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from October 15th to 18th, 2018. 


Learn all about the conference from a fellow first time attendee.

Why Join RESO? 

You have an opportunity to change the future of real estate when you join RESO. The real estate industry is embarking on welcomed and significant changes that will completely alter the way real estate brokers and agents use MLS data in all their software applications. The organization includes over 800 organizations dedicated to creating a more efficient and innovative real estate industry. RESO enjoys broker members that represent nearly 1 million real estate professionals.  


Today nearly all 625+ MLS organizations are RESO certified allowing brokers and their technology companies to become more efficient across multiple MLS markets. In addition, several technology companies are also RESO-certified. Check out the list of certified organizations here.


In addition to the Data Dictionary RESO has also released another two important real estate standards. The first addition being the RESO Web API which provides an internet open data approach to send and receive real estate data in which REALTOR® affiliated MLSs must adopt per NAR policy by June 2016. The second standard, released in late 2017, is our Universal Property ID specification which defines how a unique Property Identifier can be derived from the authoritative public description. 


Member Benefits 


FREE RESO Certification 

All RESO members receive FREE RESO Certification. Membership can provide as much as $12875 in savings for certification costs every year for members.  


RESO Conferences and Discounts

RESO Conferences are one of the best opportunities to network with the best and brightest technology leaders in real estate. Members receive conference discounts. 


Contribute to Data Standards 

As a RESO member, you can participate in the formation of data standards via RESO Workgroups. You also receive significant discounts to conferences and many other benefits, including access to a multitude of support materials to make it easier for you to implement data standards. You can also get involved in Workgroups to help influence the formation of standards. 


 RESO For MLSs & AORs: Learn More HERE

  • MLSs & AORs can deliver more value to its members and business partners by joining RESO.
  • Data standards help support your software companies, unleashing their ability to create more innovative applications for your members.
  • Getting involved in RESO through committee participation, gives your MLS a seat at the table in the decision-making process for standards that will drive the future of the real estate industry.
  • As part of the standards making process, your MLS can help ensure accurate property listing data, distribution and syndication.
  • RESO puts you in the mix with some of the brightest minds in real estate, offering you the ability to increase your expertise as you participate with other industry leaders.
  • FREE Certification:MLS members of RESO receive FREE certifications for the Data Dictionary and Web API. They also receive discounted fees to RESO sponsored events. 
  • Click here to see the real impact RESO can have for the MLSs & AORs.


RESO For Real Estate Brokers: Learn More HERE

  • RESO is for everyone who shares our vision of a streamlined real estate technology industry, which especially benefits real estate brokers.
  • For real estate broker owners and executives of franchises, RESO membership gives you a seat at the table where decisions are being made that will directly impact your business.
  • Brokers become insiders, learning about future changes and providing the opportunity for a competitive advantage.
  • Data is your destiny, and brokers need to play a direct role in helping shape new standards by sharing their point of view with other RESO members.
  • RESO provides you an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of how standards impact your brokerage operation.
  • FREE Certification: MLS members of RESO receive FREE certifications for the Data Dictionary and Web API.   
  • At RESO Conferences, you’ll interact with some of the brightest minds in real estate, providing you the ability to increase your expertise and help advocate the adoption of new standards you help to create.
  • Click here to see the real impact RESO can have for the real estate brokers.


RESO For Technology Partners: Learn More HERE

  • By joining RESO, MLS organizations and technology partners have the inside track on future industry changes, affording you the ability to gain a competitive edge.
  • You are able to have a direct voice in the standard-setting process.
  • You have the opportunity to help steer the newest industry standards.
  • The entire process gives you the ability to collaborate with your customers to help make the real estate industry more efficient.
  • FREE Certification: MLS members of RESO receive FREE certifications for the Data Dictionary and Web API.   
  • Click here to see the real impact RESO can have for the technology partners and experts.




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