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Setting Up and Maximizing Your ListHub Pro/Pro-Plus Accounts (9/22)
Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 8:00 AM PDT This short training webinar is for ListHub Pro and Pro-Plus customers. This class will teach you how to create your ListHub account and demonstrate how to access your listing presentation flyers, auto-email your Seller Reports to your clients, and make the most of your online marketing reports. Register
Should Agents Use Their Lead Routing Email Address in MLS?
Real estate agents have a crazy number of email addresses. They have their personal email address at, their vanity email at, their corporate email address at and, of course, that mysterious lead routing email address. Lead routing email addresses are pretty common in real estate. Perhaps the most common is the email address assigned to every agent member of the REALOGY franchise group. It reads something like 8789398976293578(at) The benefit of each agent's LeadRouter® email address is that it follows business rules and provides certain alerts. An example of business rules would be a use case whereby a team would all get the notification of the email. This is especially important in terms of response time. With LeadRouter, agents may receive a text message or other alert when an inquiry comes in. The is a particularly valuable alert in terms of managing responsiveness. Another key feature of using a lead routing email address is that inquiries are naturally added to an agent's CRM solution. From there, the agent can assign an appropriate response and track that response in either the lead routing system or assign tasks or drip campaigns, or whatever might be the right action. Surely, even inquiries from other agents or notifications from the MLS would be well served from an attention to rapid response or follow up
Getting Started with Your ListHub Basic Account (8/31)
Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 8:00 AM PDT This short training webinar is for ListHub Basic users (free account) and is your first step in learning how to create and manage an effective online marketing strategy using ListHub. You will learn how to access over 80 national publishers through our easy to use platform. You will also learn how to manage yours leads, redirect traffic to your website, and much more, including how you can ensure the accuracy of your online data. Register