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PropertyInfo Corporation
Offering a newly integrated combination of technology and services, PropertyInfo® is now able to provide you AgencySecure – an innovative product that enables you to better manage your process to reduce potential claims resulting from poor quality search work and helps prevent escrow theft and mortgage fraud. AgencySecure provides online access for all agency technology and services to help you efficiently process closings, issue title policies as well as electronically report, pay and store the closed file documents. AgencySecure. The future of your business.
Leading provider of Transaction Management, Financial Management and broker content management systems incld


myShortTrack is a cloud-based application that manages all your real estate transactions and their details, documents, activities, and communications... with simple and intuitive workflows...connecting all participants seamlessly.

2010 W. Fulton St. Suite F-280, Chicago, IL 60612


Related Companies

Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, Inc.

Lone Wolf Technologies is the North American leader in residential real estate software. Our technology is made for real estate brokerages to help with their back office, transaction management, front office, and websites. All of our programs work together to provide brokerages with an end-to-end suite of technology solutions, which in turn helps them save time, lower costs, and impact their revenue. We’re honored and proud to say our technology is used by over 10,000 offices and 500,000 real estate professionals in Canada and the US.

DotLoop is a fresh, forward-thinking company on the cutting edge of technology development that’s driving a movement tagged by the press as “Revolutionomics”. We move fast, and we think deals should, too. That’s why we connect people and documents in real time. DotLoop software allows everyone in a real estate transaction to work together digitally from offer to close. With DotLoop, agents enjoy a 40% faster negotiation process. Brokerages close 10% more deals. And clients are much, much happier. The fully-integrated, wholly web-based negotiation platform lets users create, adjust, approve, and sign documents and contracts in one seamless, online environment. With unique VersionNow technology, all parties always work from the most recent version of the document. Agents can provide all parties in the digital loop with immediate access to every document change -- completely eliminating the need to copy, fax, email, or travel to review and sign revised documents. With DotLoop, time, money and energy that was traditionally wasted can now be redirected to closing more deals.