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Delta Media Group
  Websites, CRM, SEO, Superior Training & Support-Delta Delta Media Group is 100% family-owned and operated with no outside investors and no VC funding. As a leading website technology provider to the top U.S. real estate companies, we provide clients with both form AND function. From its streamlined user interface to the most advanced technology in the real estate industry, our all-in-one platform allows companies to consolidate vendors saving money plus reducing the frustration of managing multiple third-party
1parkplace, Inc.
The mission of 1parkplace is to enable top real estate professionals to become even more successful with the use of custom designed internet marketing technology solutions. And it's not just a nebulous goal. We've developed and implemented comprehensive eMarketing solutions for top performing real estate brokerages, agents, and mortgage specialists for nearly 16

Sequent Systems

Welcome to Sequent Systems, where we’ve managed to shave 25% off the time in escrow. We’re helping the real estate industry do more business…all while doing less work.

With contract status just a click away your sales force can spend less time chasing contract details and more time writing new sales. How often have you envisioned a more streamlined approach to the detail-laden transaction process or a better way to track and guide the players and to ensure better accountability?

With an unprecedented combination of deal-closing experience and our proprietary customizable web-based software, Sequent is earning a reputation befitting a solid closer.

By first concentrating on the unique specifications of the builder-developer, where the details of any single transaction are compounded by scale factors such as simultaneous closings and current status, we are now able to provide a one-stop solution equally-lauded by developers, lawyers, sales companies, marketing and equity. And because most fees are paid out at closing…

Sequent just may be the most valuable employee you’ll never pay.


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AgentDrive is a data-driven sales, marketing and advertising platform for real estate professionals. Its core product is a real estate CRM which integrates with real estate websites and essential sales and marketing tools: - franchise software; - web development; - property portal feeder; - email & SMS campaigns; - ad & flyer maker; - real estate SEO; - dynamic retargeting; - data-driven reporting.

With one system you’re covered from first click to closing. We attract leads to your site and help you get to know them. Automated marketing tools make building relationships simple and predictive intelligence gives you insight you can act on. We take the guesswork out of managing your team and put data in its place: at your fingertips. We’re more than software and data though. We’re here at every step with proven strategies and support, so you can work on your business instead of in it.