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Back At You
Back At You is the premier back-office, marketing, website, and CRM technology solution for real estate brokerages. The Company’s three products, SocialBAY, ClientBAY, and FinancialBAY, provide all size brokerages and their agents with a seamless marketing, website, CRM, back-office, and all-in-one technology solution. Over the last 11 years, Back At You has solidified its status as the market leader for real estate technology with over 300+ brokerages and 150,000+ agents utilizing the software, over 1,000,000 exclusive buyer and seller leads generated for clients, and over $1 billion commissions processed to agents. The Company’s dedication to real estate and technology has earned it awards from the National Association of REALTORS® as one of the top real estate technologies, Inc 5000, Red Herring as a Top 100 technology company in North America and the World, and from Instagram and Facebook as an Official Marketing
DocuSign Inc.
DocuSign, the global standard for eSignature®, is the electronic signature transaction management leader. Our cloud based electronic signature platform helps companies and individuals securely collect information, automate data workflows and sign anything, anywhere, anytime, on any device. Get to agreement quickly Whether it’s buying, selling, or refinancing, DocuSign helps you centralize all of your real estate documents, and get electronic signatures to complete agreements faster. DocuSign allows you to work the way you want—on the go or from the office—using online tools that simplify transactions from


SkySlope™ is the smart Real Estate Transaction Management System that helps you save your transaction files online and save you valuable time and money.

SkySlope™ is an auditor’s dream come true. It takes seconds to access a transaction file and review the documents. No need to search for old files in warehouses. As a broker, you save the high cost of physical space occupied by transaction files and the time it takes to access them. With online filing and archiving, you can relax because with a single click, SkySlope™ preserves all correspondence activities and documentation that can be produced as evidence in case of a litigation. As an agent, it allows you to stay organized and you can be sitting at home and getting your checks in time by completing your documentation via fax or email or scanned documents.

SkySlope™ is simple to use and designed especially for the "not-so-technical" person. Plus, it helps you establish a green office.


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DotLoop is a fresh, forward-thinking company on the cutting edge of technology development that’s driving a movement tagged by the press as “Revolutionomics”. We move fast, and we think deals should, too. That’s why we connect people and documents in real time. DotLoop software allows everyone in a real estate transaction to work together digitally from offer to close. With DotLoop, agents enjoy a 40% faster negotiation process. Brokerages close 10% more deals. And clients are much, much happier. The fully-integrated, wholly web-based negotiation platform lets users create, adjust, approve, and sign documents and contracts in one seamless, online environment. With unique VersionNow technology, all parties always work from the most recent version of the document. Agents can provide all parties in the digital loop with immediate access to every document change -- completely eliminating the need to copy, fax, email, or travel to review and sign revised documents. With DotLoop, time, money and energy that was traditionally wasted can now be redirected to closing more deals.
eBrokerHouse, Inc

Industry leading online offer submission and transaction management software for real estate professionals.