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Related Companies is an internet-based service that allows your website to have a streaming video of a person that literally walks out and talks over top of any website. Have a professional model / host introduce your website to numerous visitors. Use the model to explain your company's products and/or services. Use the model as a guide to help direct your visitor’s attention to anything you want. Use it to liven up your website with a real life model. Increase your sales. Impress your clients and other visitors of your web
Ifbyphone is a voice based marketing automation platform that helps companies drive sales, reduce collection cycles, measure marketing effectiveness and improve customer experience. Ifbyphone provides a suite of software-as-a-service voice applications for call tracking, call notifications, call forwarding, call automation and interactive voice response (IVR). These technologies help you manage, measure and automate voice communications. It’s easy to implement the entire platform of voice applications through the online portal. Companies of all sizes and across all industries use the Ifbyphone platform including health care, real estate, home services, and a variety of marketing

FYI Code

FYIcode™ is a smart and cost effective way to get the word out.

Callers may call in and listen to information you already have available on your website.

Realtors, Schools, Automobile retailers, Sporting venues, Cities and Towns, Churches, Billboards, Charitable organizations, Service organizations, FSBO’s, Small businesses or large ones, convention centers; Anyone in business needs to reach out and connect to consumers using today’s cell phone and smart phone opportunities.


Related Companies

Better Voicemail

Professional Voicemail For Real Estate Agents Never Lose a Client to a Missed Call Again! With our app, you can collect leads and manage voicemails with caller name lookup, voicemail transcription, categorization by property, and more. With our voicemail, your callers can listen to property descriptions, schedule showings, and leave transcribed messages about specific properties.
R.E. PhoneBurner

With R.E. PhoneBurner, you are on the phone the whole time, making it easy for you to determine whether a call is being answered by a human or answering machine. When you reach a human with R.E. PhoneBurner there is no awkward pause, you're right there, ready to have a discussion just like you would if you had picked up the phone and called the prospect the old fashioned way! R.E. PhoneBurner speeds up the process of calling your client or prospect list and there are no call abandonment issues as with predictive dialers.