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Xplode Conference

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What is Xplode!

- ‘Technology for Real Professionals’

Get a deep, solid day of cutting edge real estate technology to jump start 2011 and execute more real estate transactions at lower cost!

Topics at Xplode include:

  • Mobile Marketing & Lead Conversion
  • Search, Syndication & Digital Listings
  • Social Media Madness
  • The Revolution of Video
  • Wordpress & 2011 bloggers update
  • Digital Transactions

Xplode is NOT a social media event or a bar camp or a tweet up.
Xplode is about serious professionals ‘exploding’ real estate sales through technology and the new age of social marketing.

Join us in Austin on February 10, 2011 — Register right now for the very best $$$Register right now for the very best $$$

Xplode is a powerful tech conference that drives real estate professionals
toward better execution & higher results through adoption of technology.

These days, you can’t separate marketing from technology – nor can you
separate any kind of small business from technology.

The pace at which we adopt new technology has an
almost perfect graphical alignment with overall business results today.
The advantages to ‘tech-powered-business’ vs. ‘old school’ can’t be overstated.

Xplode Austin is happening at the Hyatt Regency AustinHyatt Regency Austin  hotel on February 10, 2011























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We Xplode! by Giving Back...


  • Commentary
  • Charity & Giving
  • News & Updates






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