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Need a floorplan?

fp icon personal100Floorplanner is the easiest and best looking way to create and share interactive floor plans online. With simple drag and drop tools you can make accurate plans within minutes all on scale. Floorplanner BASICBASIC is free for personal use. Our PLUSPLUS account offers more space if you need it.

House for sale? Make it stand out!

fp icon pro100Home buyers are significantly more interested in listings with floor plans. Floorplanner PROPRO gives you the tools to make your properties stand above the crowd. Create great images for your brochures or embed floor plans seamless within your website or other portals.

Your very own designtool

FP icon business100Turn your website into a design tool with Floorplanner BUSINESSBUSINESS. Add a branded planner to your site that features your own products. Your customers and sales team will appreciate a tool that allows them to quickly plan their spaces and get accurate quotes.

Integrate, automate & extend

fp icon enterprise100Floorplanner is a flexible platform that can be integrated within other websites or online products. With Floorplanner ENTERPRISEENTERPRISE you have acces to our API’s that allow you to customize and extend Floorplanner to fit your needs.

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Get results within minutes

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Floorplanner is easy to work with, create your account and get started right away. You will have your first plan created in no time. Not sure how to begin? Start with our online tutorialonline tutorial or watch this moviemovie

No software, no worries!

fp icon noworries140You work right within your browser. No need to install software, plug-ins or upgrades. Floorplanner is constantly being improved upon and brought value to over 2 million registered users and thousands of professionals worldwide. Read herehere what our users are saying about us.













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Don't Overlook These 4 Bonus Marketing Assets from Your 3D Property Tour
Have you noticed the following cube icon popping up everywhere lately? It started appearing on in 2017, and just this autumn, you may have noticed it on Homesnap, a property search app that's free to 900,000 Realtors nationwide through their MLS. It's the Matterport icon, and its appearance on a listing indicates that a 3D property tour is available. While 3D property tours are what Matterport is best known for, did you realize that this tool also offers a wealth of visual assets that you can use in your marketing? Here's a rundown of all that Matterport offers. 1. High-resolution Listing Photos Photographs are typically the very first thing most people see of your listing—and what draws them in or drives them away. If your listing photos are of poor quality, you risk turning off potential buyers. When your listing is scanned for a 3D property tour, Matterport also captures hundreds of high quality photographs. If you balked at "hundreds," don't worry. Matterport employs machine learning to automatically select the best photos for your listing in Matterport Instant Galleries. That means agents don't have to spend time collecting and curating photos—you have an MLS-ready gallery of photos once your 3D tour has been created. "[Instant Galleries] are great. We are using these for all our inside images," says Beth Riggs of Amanda Howard Real Estate, Sotheby’s International Realty. 2. Teaser Videos Want to cut through the noise of social media and capture the attention of local consumers? Try teaser videos or animated GIFs. Movement within GIFs and video stands out and draws the eye. Real estate professionals get automatic videos and GIFs with their Matterport 3D tours. You can share them on social media and in emails to drive greater interest in your listings. They're effective, too—a Matterport customer survey shows that 76 percent of respondents say they attract more home buyers on social media with Matterport 3D. 3. Virtual Reality Looking for a fresh way to 'wow' buyers? Let them tour listings via virtual reality. Not only does this position you as tech-savvy agent, it also potentially cuts down on in-person listing tours. Consumers who view listings via virtual reality are better able to narrow down which homes they'd like to see in person, saving agents time. Matterport 3D tours are automatically converted into virtual reality, and can be viewed via Google Cardboard, Daydream, Oculus, or Gear VR headsets. Keep headsets in your office to use with clients when selecting which properties to tour. Want to impress sellers? Take a VR headset to a listing presentation and show sellers a sample listing, mentioning that you'll do this for their home, as well. "Consumers get more discerning about their choices and sellers want to present their properties in the best light possible," says a representative from Greg Lynn Sotheby's. "Open houses are only a couple of hours a week, but when you have Matterport virtual reality, we can be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year." 4. Floor Plans Differentiate yourself from other agents by including floor plans in your marketing. This helps consumers better understand the layout of a home, and how their own furniture and belongings may fit. Matterport generates floor plans two business days after your 3D tour is created, using dimensional data captured during the scan. All you have to do is press 'Order' on the Matterport platform, and floor plans are automatically prepared for you. Live Examples of Matterport Marketing Assets Want to see what the visual collateral mentioned above looks like? Check out these two examples of homes that were captured with a Matterport camera, and the automated content that was created: Visit to learn
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Virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D imaging, mixed reality – overwhelmed yet? These flourishing technologies are just getting started. Yes, even imagery and video are getting more advanced. If you think these things aren't going to start seeping into your role as a real estate agent, think again. They already
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Real estate is a magnet for three new emerging technologies: Virtual Augmented Reality (VR) Augmented Reality (AR), and most recently, a hybrid being called Mixed Reality (MR). All of these technologies are either impacting – or have the potential to dramatically impact – the real estate industry. Let's take a look at what agents need to know about these exciting technologies. Please keep in mind that because it is new technology, it is possible that not all these are available throughout North America yet. First, let's define each technology and how they are