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The leading email marketing automation platform in real estate, eMerge offers brokers, agents & teams unparalleled content, templates and automated campaigns for agent recruitment & retention, consumer engagement, and lead nurturing & follow-up.  Create a truly unique experience for your past, present & future clients with custom consulting and campaign development through our full-service marketing agency – 3sixtyfive.agency3sixtyfive.agency.

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Retain through education

Engage past, present & future consumer clients with this weekly, automated outreach campaign filled with great content, social posts, email content/templates/graphics, and a 1x/m email newsletter.

Campaigns, content & workflows designed to attract, engage & nurture recruitment opportunities.  Includes a 1x/m email newsletter, too.

You asked, we delivered!  A 1x/m email newsletter filled with easy-to-implement sales & marketing tips for your active agents (or prospective agents).


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