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CRS Data (Courthouse Retrieval System)


Make Informed Decisions with CRS Data

For more than 25 years, CRS Data has put the power of clear and current property information in the hands of real estate's leading professionals. MLS', investors, lenders, appraisers and bankers rely on our intuitive, top-performing industry solutions to provide the most comprehensive, accurate real estate data available and ultimately improve upon their bottom line.

With an in-house team dedicated to collecting, converting, updating and verifying the data available through our robust suites, you can make confident decisions that optimize performance, increase revenue and enhance customer experience. Put the power of intelligent data in your hands with CRS Data.

  • •All public tax records
  • •Interactive GIS and plat maps
  • •Sales and mortgage histories
  • •Area demographics
  • •Warranty deeds
  • •Property analyses
  • •Comps

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