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Best Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Real Estate Website
Creating your real estate website is an exciting process. You carefully choose the look and craft the content. Following this, you send your beautiful new website out into the World Wide Web. But then what? If you're not driving traffic to your real estate website, what good is its elegant design and terrific listings? Setting up your website is the first step to building a valuable online presence. This will create more leads for you as an agent. But driving traffic to your website is just as important! As a result, we will discuss the best ways to drive traffic to your real estate
How to Spring Clean Your Real Estate Website
Even the best website is a work in progress. To be effective in real estate, a website needs to reflect the latest trends. Recent information on the market and how it may affect customers is essential. Leads will trust your expertise only if they see your website is helpful, informative, and up to date. However, even updating your site regularly won't do the job on its
Real Estate Website Testimonials Done Right
Do you have client testimonials on your real estate website? If so, where are they on the site? This is the top navigation bar from a real estate website, and many sites are much the same. You get solicited and unsolicited testimonials from past customers and place them all on the Testimonials page for interested site visitors to read through them. You're getting very little value from the good ones in this