Related Companies is the #1 source for real estate closing services on the Web. Real estate professionals and consumers can use it to find and compare local real estate services, such as title insurance, closing attorneys, escrow/settlement services,home inspections, pest inspections, home warranty, notary services and more. The site's SmartClosing Calculator makes it easy to calculate buyer's costs and seller's net proceeds in just a few clicks. Instant closing cost estimates are customized by transaction and geographic location to provide more accurate results than other closing cost calculators that rely on averages. The company's SmartGFE Service delivers closing service provider rates, transfer taxes, property taxes and data for every line item except loan pricing on the Good Faith Estimate. The live rate feed allows lenders to automatically populate their GFEs with just a few
Paperless Way to Lease Your Properties™ LeaseRunner is a web-based engine for landlords, RE investors, and leasing agents/brokers that integrates online rental applications, tenant screening, lease e-signing, and rent payments into a simple digital


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iAnalyzeREI instantly analyzes commercial and multifamily income properties. This web-based software is an essential tool for every Real Estate professional.

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Monetarex is a marketplace for commercial real estate equity. We are connecting sponsors and professional real estate investors.

PRIMARQ is the next generation of residential real estate finance. For decades, the pursuit of the American Dream of home ownership has largely been facilitated by borrowing significant funds from banks and other lending institutions. Over the last five years, we have all seen the challenges and the damage done from excessive leverage to home buyers and owners, financial institutions and even the federal government. We, at PRIMARQ, believe that the method of financing a home purchase or accessing the equity in the home is in need of change. In response, we have developed a new capital exchange, where global accredited investors invest equity capital alongside home buyers in their purchase of homes as well as provide existing home owners a new avenue to monetize their equity by selling a portion of their residence. With transactions known as “equity sharing,” our market is a comprehensive system that enables private investors to provide funding to buyers and owners in exchange for an ownership interest in the home, rather than lending money against the current value and requiring monthly payments. The investor is motivated by the potential appreciation in value.