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In a previous post we discussed some sellers' concerns related to the possibility of 'virtual showings,' where buyers' agents come to listings, take photos, make video recordings, or even live-stream tours, all to permit potential buyers, not physically present, to get a look at a listed property—and perhaps even buy it! Here, we consider the concerns of buyers and their respective
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Real estate brokers do not sell real estate. That is a hard statement to contemplate, but it is true. Real estate agents sell real estate. The goal of a real estate broker is to recruit, train, and support the real estate agents that work with buyers and sellers. Great brokers are continually finding ways to help their agents sell more. Great brokers also regularly measure how much agents sell by utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as the number of transactions per
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At Matterport, we're in constant motion, creating cutting-edge technologies to further enhance the capabilities of the Matterport digital twin for our customers. An important part of that effort includes a commitment to protecting the privacy of our customers with features they can enable to manage it. One such feature offered today is automated face blurring. Face blurring is software that is designed to protect the privacy of individuals by algorithmically blurring their faces wherever they appear in an image or video. The technique is used widely across industries from street mapping and directions, to news reporting and social