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Whether you're a new agent or a seasoned pro, chances are you're always looking for that competitive edge over other local agents to score the hottest new listings in your area. From your (perfectly on-brand) listing presentation to your rock-solid knowledge of the latest neighbourhood sales, you've got the tools you need to nail the appointment. While those factors can certainly help sway a seller's decision and win you the handshake, one thing is certain: in today's market, sellers have a LOT of
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There are few businesses that the internet and social media have changed more than that of real estate. As soon as it's time to move, the first thing home buyers and sellers do is hop on the web. They look at homes, or find out sale prices in their area. They can look for real estate agents to list their house or help them find a new one. Of course, none of this is news. What might be is how much the web, especially social media, can affect a home buyer or seller's decisions. The web and social media give instant access to resources and information that normally take a lot of time and