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Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, Inc.

Lone Wolf Logo with Complete Enterprise Solution Colour and Tagline

Lone Wolf Technologies, a Vista Equity Partners portfolio company, is the North American leader in residential real estate software, serving over 1.4 million real estate agents, 20,000 offices, 9,000 brokerages, and 1000 MLSs and associations across Canada and the U.S. The company offers an ecosystem of technology products designed to simplify the entire transaction process, including software for back office and transaction management. Each element of this ecosystem enables brokerages, agents, MLSs, and associations to operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and increase opportunities for profitability. Lone Wolf's head office is located in Cambridge, ON, with additional offices in Dallas, TX, London, ON, and Fraser, MI.


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CoreLogic MarketLinx Transaction Manager
CoreLogic MarketLinx has modified their Transaction Management interface from earlier versions to a simpler, straightforward design. Their full transaction management can include multiple modules including a Fax Manager, Document Management as well as the transaction scheduling/monitoring component. Each of these products can also be used independently. The CoreLogic MarketLinx products can be fully integrated with MLS systems allowing for the flow of data from the MLS system to Document Manager or Transaction
Property Info's SureClose
SureClose transaction management originated in the Title world and was designed to be used by transaction specialists. It is a very full-featured and powerful transaction management system but was not designed to be used primarily at the agent level. To make certain functionality available to both agents and consumers SureClose has been designed with two separate views, the Professional interface and the Basic (or Guest) interface. The Professional interface is used primarily by the internal title and settlement staff, such as the processor, escrow officer and/or transaction management coordinator, to manage the real estate transaction. The professional interface is the deepest product with all functionality enabled. The Basic interface is used to provide views and limited editing control in the transaction to the agents and their clients. There are two methods to create a new file in SureClose. You can input all of the data directly into SureClose, or you can import the order data into SureClose from AIM+ or AIM for Windows. AIM is a production system widely used in the title and escrow industry for order entry, document preparation, escrow closing, escrow accounting and 1099-S reporting. While SureClose was designed for use by transaction coordinators any user with reasonable technical skills could successfully navigate the system. There are various wizards that walk users through the different operations, such as adding contact information in which data and photos can be stored. The bigger issue for a product as deep as the SureClose system is understanding “how” to integrate the power of the transaction system into a company’s overall business procedures, which is likely to be more successful if managed by a dedicated staff
Settlement Room by Emphasys
Settlement Room is a user-friendly transaction management system that has been designed for direct use by brokers, agents and teams without the need for transaction coordinators. Most recently Emphasys has made a number of enhancements to the product to improve the user interface making it one of the most user friendly transaction management products on the market today. Settlement room provides transaction workflow management, communication with all parties in the transaction and the ability to schedule tasks for all participants as needed. Tasks can be scheduled using fixed dates or dates based on other events, such as making one task due so many days after another event. The document manager is included with Settlement Room and is not offered currently as a stand-alone. Easily email documents into your transaction websites. Settlement Room provides: The ability to fax documents into your transaction websites Ability to distribute transaction documents from your website Ability to attach transaction documents to orders and emails by just checking a box Ability to set permissions as to who can view any document Ability to store common documents for use in multiple transactions In terms of communication, Settlement Room does a good job of sharing transaction data with everyone involved in the transaction. Communication features include: Ability of all participants to post and read messages Ability to restrict message access to selected participants Ability to schedule messages to be automatically sent by email Inclusion of special tools to automatically request and manage Showing Feedback Ability to Import and manage contact lists, and synchronize with MS Outlook Ability to automatically invite common participants into each new