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Five Apps You Need to Keep Your 2015 Resolutions

January 28 2015

homefinder apps 2015 resolutionsNew Year's resolutions are notoriously known for being broken, often before January ends. If you're determined to stick to your goals for the year ahead, download the five apps below to maximize productivity and sustain success in 2015.

For building your client base

Is filling your lead pipeline and improving your client relations strategy a top 2015 goal? The Refresh app (free, iOS/Google Glass) will reconnect you with your digital contacts and provide personal and professional updates before you meet with them in person. This app provides great conversation starters for client meetings, networking events and industry trade shows.

For accomplishing your daily to-do lists

Use the Wunderlist app (free, iOS/Android) to effectively manage your task list. The app stores your important to-do lists and syncs them across all of your devices. Download the Wunderlist browser extension on your computer to turn anything on your screen into a task item on your to-do list.

For example, if you were browsing Facebook and wanted a reminder to check your analytics, just right click on the screen, scroll down and choose 'Add to Wunderlist'. Then, type the task you want to complete and click 'Add to Wunderlist.' The task will automatically sync to your to-do list.

homefinder wunderlist2

For improved business expense tracking

Tracking expenses can be tedious and mistakes can be detrimental to your bottom line. Keep better track of your business spending habits with ExpensifyExpensify (free, iOS/Android). The Expensify app will let you quickly add expenses with its easy-to-use receipt scanner and will track your car mileage using its GPS function. The app will also manage your travel itineraries and the app will update you if your flight status changes.

For giving back to your community

If one of your goals for 2015 is to strengthen ties to your community, the VolunteerMatch appVolunteerMatch app (free, iOS) will list the volunteer opportunities available in your area, and will let you sign up in the app. Consider involving other agents in your brokerage to make it an office-wide event.

For health and wellness

If you're constantly on-the-go, the Fitbit app (free, iOS/Android) will track your movement to give you a realistic picture of your daily activity. You don't have to purchase a Fitbit activity tracker; the app will gather basic activity data from your phone's motion sensors. The Fitbit app also syncs with the popular MyFitnessPal appMyFitnessPal app to calculate calorie intake, so you can make better health decisions while on-the-go.

Is being more organized one of your resolutions? Kick off a streamlined 2015 with these business detox tips.

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