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The Art of the Realtor Headshot

January 28 2015

tribus art headshot 1In an age where potential clients are frequently searching the internet for a real estate agent, maintaining a web presence with an up-to-date headshot can turn out to be an invaluable tool in the technology savvy real estate agent's arsenal. Approximately 80 percent of home buyers begin their search online and a real estate agent's headshot is often the first impression that will either win their business, or send them packing to a more professional looking agent.

A headshot should not only convey a friendly, professional demeanor, but it should also be current. Some experts recommend updating headshots every two years. If it's been two years or longer, here are some tips to create the perfect headshot to invite potential clients to your business.

Headshot Do's

One way to create a clean, professional headshot is to go out and hire professionals to get the job done. There is no shame or vanity in hiring a professional photographer to take the pictures. This will ensure that the shot is in focus and that the subject looks presentable. According to Connect Realty: "Surveys show that 100 percent of respondents feel more comfortable hiring agents with a professional photograph. It gives clients the idea that you hold yourself to a high standard and do things properly at 110 percent."

Another important consideration for a headshot is hair, makeup and wardrobe. Some experts recommend hiring a makeup artist for the shoot. This will help to ensure that ALL (yes, men and women) agents are made up to look as best as they can. When choosing outfits for the photo, wear a favorite business outfit that is appropriate to the marketplace in which you do business. This will ensure the ultimate comfort level and will help you exude confidence and friendliness in your photograph.

Headshot Don'ts

There are a myriad of poses, props and styles of photos to avoid but there are a few rules that real estate agents continue to break that we feel need to be addressed.

Don't strike a dramatic pose either with your head cocked to the side or with your arms crossed. This can send off mixed signals to potential clients and can make you seem unapproachable or overly dramatic. Remember that you are trying to convey your skills as a professional real estate agent, not auditioning for a role in a soap opera.

tribus art headshot 2Another common pose is the ol' "talking on the phone in my ear." This often comes across as awkward and can signal to your clients that you are just way too busy to put the phone down, even for a photograph.

A real estate headshot should be modern, simple and realistic. In order to keep with these themes, avoid posing with your cat, dog, kids, husband or wife unless they are involved in the business. Otherwise including these in a photograph can create confusion and will send out too much information. The main message you want to convey is that you are an excellent real estate agent, not that you are a cat lover to the Nth degree.

What do you think makes the difference between a good headshot and a great headshot? Let us know!

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