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Fun with Real Estate Marketing: Silly Holidays in 2015

January 15 2015

p2 FunWithMarketing 01 06 blogDoesn't it seem like there's a holiday for everything these days? Well, if you're a real estate agent, that's actually the good news! Silly holidays are a great way to bring some fun into your marketing plan for the year ahead.

Marketing doesn't always have to be so serious. People only have so much patience for new listings and open house notices. If you're not currently in the market for a new place, chances are you won't even pay attention. But an agent who finds other things to talk about on social media and through the mail? Now there's somebody who will be able to stay top of mind.

To that end, here are a few silly holidays you can sprinkle across your annual marketing calendar. Some of these are so popular, that you will be able to join a larger, more viral conversation. Identify which days resonate with you and your target audience, and celebrate accordingly. We've even included a few marketing ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


  • Saturday the 24th – National Compliment Day: How fun is this? Use this day as an excuse to get in contact with old leads and referral partners. Send a compliment via email or snail mail.
  • Thursday the 29th – National Puzzle Day: Post a puzzle or brainteaser on your Facebook business page and offer a prize.


  • Sunday the 8th – National Kite Flying Day: Give out kites in your office or host a community picnic.
  • Sunday the 22nd – National Margarita Day: Invite key contacts out for a drink. Or you could share delicious margarita and virgin margarita recipes on your social media channels, including Pinterest.


  • Saturday the 14th – Pi(e) Day: This day is celebrated as Pi(e) Day around the world because it is 3.14... the beginning of the mathematical constant of pi. We celebrate at our office with a pie contest and some fun social graphics. We suggest you do the same... it's tasty!
  • Saturday the 14th – National Chip & Dip Day: We've written about National Chip & Dip Day before! You can hand out bags of chips, share dip recipes and more!


  • Tuesday the 7th – National No Housework Day: Finally! A day that celebrates being a little lazy. You can even host a contest offering free takeout for one lucky winner (no dishes!) or free housecleaning services.
  • Thursday the 16th – National High Five Day: National High Five Day is hugely popular with the biggest brands. Check out their website and follow the hashtag #NH5D to join the conversation. And don't forget to dish out high fives!


  • Monday the 4th – Star Wars Day: May the 4th be with you! Get it? Here's a wacky Star Wars' themed bathroom you can post in honor of the day.
  • Saturday the 23rd – Lucky Penny Day: Get a roll of pennies and leave them all around your office or your neighborhoods... heads up of course! Don't forget to take and post pics.


  • Friday the 5th – National Donut Day: Another fun day that's celebrated in a major way around the US. Bring donuts to your office, drop them office to your listings and share links letting your social followers know where to score a free donut today. Check out last year's free donut list to get inspired.
  • Friday the 26th – Take Your Dog to Work Day: What a great excuse to fill social media with pictures of cute dogs, right? We love this working dog meme.


  • Sunday the 19th – National Ice Cream Day: Offer free scoops at your office and stir up a little foot traffic!


  • Sunday the 2nd – Friendship Day: Take a minute to send handwritten notes to a few of your friends. You never know where a referral may come from!
  • Sunday the 16th – Tell a Joke Day: Here are some funny real estate jokes you can share on your Facebook page and Twitter or in work emails.


  • Monday the 28th – National Good Neighbor Day: Good neighbors need good agents, right? Go knock on doors in your selling areas and introduce yourself. If your community is hosting an event, be sure you participate in some way.
  • Tuesday the 29th – National Coffee Day (in Canada, too!): As if we even need a reason to celebrate the liquid that powers 99% of agents! Still, it's a great excuse to treat prospects to coffee or send out some java gift cards. A few places give out free coffee, too, which is great info to share on social media.


  • Friday the 9th – Fire Prevention Day: Post fire prevention tips to help your clients protect their homes.
  • Thursday the 29th – National Cat Day: Share these silly pictures of our favorite real estate cats: contract negotiation kitty and lowball offer kitty.


  • Tuesday the 17th – Take a Hike Day: Share information about the best hikes in your selling area on your website, in your real estate newsletter and on Facebook.


  • Saturday the 12th – Gingerbread House Day: Celebrate edible real estate by posting pictures of your favorite gingerbread houses and gingerbread comics. Or host a gingerbread house building event.
  • Monday the 21st – National Flashlight Day: Hand out inexpensive flashlights at your office or to your farm with your business card and a silly note. Something like "I won't leave you in the dark when it comes to your real estate needs."

What silly holiday do you plan on celebrating this year?

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