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What's New with HomeActions?

January 11 2015

It's been a busy few months for HomeActions. Since we published our initial product review just last summer, the email marketing platform has added multiple features, including a new "digital marketing Zscore" that shows agents and brokers how their campaigns are performing. Today, we're going to take a quick tour of HomeActions' latest updates.

So What's New?

HomeActions' aim has always been to be as user-friendly as possible, and with their platform upgrade, the solution is easier to use than ever. A big part of this is due to the new WalkMe™ application, a wizard that guides users through a step-by-step tutorial of any HomeActions feature that they need help with. The app is always available to assist you, no matter where you are in the program.

pr homeactions update help wizard

Content that Identifies Warm Leads

Though we touched on this briefly in our original product review, HomeActions' new content features warrant a closer look. HomeActions distinguishes itself from the competition by offering articles that appeal to all homeowners, not just consumers who are ready to buy or sell a home. By featuring content on topics like home improvement, insurance and repairs, you ensure that you stay relevant to clients long after the sale.

But a newsletter isn't just for keeping in touch; agents also want to be able to identify consumers who may be ready to buy or sell soon. HomeActions' new "Trigger articles" accomplishes this with content that specifically targets prospects who are in the market and alerts the agent when the article is read. For example, if a prospect reads an article titled, "5 Things to Consider Before Listing Your Home," it's likely that they are be preparing to sell their house. When they read the article, the agent gets an email alert notifying them of a possible warm lead. The agent can then follow up with the consumer and start a conversation about listing their home.

Trigger articles are part of a new Content Library that HomeActions users can use to customize their newsletter. "Target articles" are another recent addition to this library. Agents who serve niche markets like investors, vacation homes, and more can use these articles to better appeal to the unique interests of their contacts.

pr homeactions update content library

As with Trigger articles, agents can set up alerts on Target content as well. In fact, the new HomeActions platform makes it easy for users to set up alerts on any content they include in their newsletter--general interest articles, listings, open houses notices, video tours, and beyond. Users only need to check the box beneath an item to set up an alert.

pr homeactions update alerts

Scoring Your Marketing Effectiveness

HomeActions already has a robust set of analytics tools available, but a new feature lets you see how you stack up against other real estate professionals using the platform. The "Digital Marketing Zscore (DMZ)" is a report that's automatically sent to you every month. The report lets you compare your newsletter's engagement levels versus other agents in your office, across your brand, and against all HomeActions users.

The DMZ measures active members, click rates, open rates, transaction readiness, triggers, and survey responses to identify your marketing's strengths and weaknesses. For those looking to improve their problem areas, HomeActions offers white papers, webinars, and support staff to help.

pr homeactions update dmz report agent

The image above is an example of the DMZ report that agents receive. Managing brokers also have access to a version of the report that compares and scores all agents in their office, region, or brand so they can identify those who need assistance.

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