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Business Detox Tips Every Real Estate Agent Needs

January 08 2015

This post comes to us from the blog:

homefinder agentdetox1Whether you set New Year's resolutions or not, the one thing every business needs in January is a thorough detox. A business detox will kick-off an organized, streamlined 2015. Here are five ways to set your business up for success in the new year.

Car: If your car is your office on wheels, it probably needs some interior organizing.

  • Stock your car with healthy snacks to avoid giving in to any fast food stops between appointments and showings. A box of KIND bars will maintain your energy, and you won't feel like you are depriving yourself (KIND, Amazon, $13.49KIND, Amazon, $13.49).
  • Avoid emergency charging stops at home or the office, by keeping phone, tablet and computer chargers in your car. An Anker® charger will let you portably charge two devices at once (Anker®, Amazon, $29.99Anker®, Amazon, $29.99).
  • Winter weather is unpredictable, so keep a spare set of boots, socks, gloves and a travel umbrella so you are prepared for weather emergencies in between appointments.
  • Throw out all garbage, relocate any items in back seat or seatback pockets, and clear out your glove compartment. Once your car is a clean slate, treat it to a professional interior cleaning.

Desk: Whether you work from home or from your brokerage's office, your desk is likely the catch-all for papers, files, cords and more.

  • Eliminate all desktop papers by creating a file, shred and recycle piles. Make sure that each piece of paper goes in its respective pile.
  • Identify what piece of technology each cord belongs to. If a cord doesn't have a match, coil it and tuck it in a drawer to free up desktop and outlet space.
  • Hang a new 2015 calendar and update your motivational signs and personal photos to kick off the new year with fresh, desktop scenery.
  • Once your desktop and drawers are organized, disinfect all surfaces including your keyboard, phone, computer mouse and desktop.

Computer: As you rushed through end of the year closings and deadlines, it's likely that your computer's desktop and organizing system may bave become a little messy.

  • Remove all files from your desktop. Either file them or move them to the trash.
  • Invest in programs like Evernote Business and Dropbox to seamlessly collaborate with team members, so everyone can access the same files and to avoid duplicate versions of contracts or marketing collateral.
  • Once your files are newly organized, back up your computer. If you use Gmail, back up your computer right to your Google Drive.

Work bag: If your car is your office on wheels, your work bag is likely to be your on-the-go, personal office. Empty the contents of your bag and set a goal to eliminate 80% of it.

  • Recycle or scan old receipts using an app like Receiptmate (iTunes, $2.99).
  • Throw out wrappers, tags, papers and anything else that made its way in over the course of the year.
  • Purchase smaller pouches to keep your personal items organized.

Work wardrobe: In 2015, make getting dressed for work the easiest part of your day. A streamlined, polished look will subtly convey your professionalism to potential clients.

  • Go through your work wardrobe, and if you haven't worn in a year, donate it.
  • Implement the hanger trick in 2015. Flip the hanger for all your work clothes so the hook faces the other side. If the hanger still isn't turned around next January, donate that item of clothing.
  • Build five go-to work outfits, with coordinating pieces. If you still have items of clothing that don't coordinate with those outfits, determine if it is a piece that you could do without.

Here's to an organized and successful 2015!