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Static Data Can Be Boring and Stale. This Tool Can Make It Fresh!

December 29 2015

Do you want to make the information you share with your sphere of influence DANCE? Consider utilizing to create dynamic infographics. With Infogram's interactive visualizations, you are literally adding a new dimension of engagement with your communications.

Top producing real estate professionals are already leveraging this data visualization product to improve engagement with their clients and potential clients. A very productive Realtor in Southern California uses's free option to distribute information to his customer database on how the real estate market is performing locally (thank you Tristan for sharing). Here is an example (click to view the full interactive version):

tsa infogram graph

To learn what is included with the free version and find out what is included with the two paid options, go to this link.

The folks at claim, "Our infographics and charts are quick to use, fast to share, and easy on eye," and Tech Savvy Agent would have to agree with that statement. Additionally, the free version does provide plenty of options to create infographics that would blow away a typed out (black and white) communication. To learn more please visit:

tsa infogram

Thanks for checking out this post and let us know in the comments what you are creating with!

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