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4 Free Social Media Tools for Your Real Estate Business

December 23 2014

lwolf free social media toolsSocial media has given businesses a great way to maintain top-of-mind awareness, but there's a catch. The only way to harness its true potential is to invest a little bit of time into it. Luckily, there are some handy tools available to help businesses maximize their presence in less time than it has ever taken.

Here are 4 free social media tools that will help your real estate business maintain a presence:


Buffer allows you to schedule a queue of items that will automatically disperse to your social accounts throughout the day. You will need to put some time aside daily or weekly to set up your schedule, but it will give you more freedom knowing that it's taken care of. It's great tool for the busy days where you don't have an opportunity to monitor your feeds and curate content. Set it and forget it.


This will really help when setting up your schedule on Buffer. TweriodTweriod analyses data from your account, like your tweets and your followers' tweets, and then provides you with the time frames that you are most likely to get the highest engagements out of your posts. Tweriod takes the guess-work out of schedule creation.


Mention gives you one place to check to see where you are being mentioned online. It goes a step further than Google Alerts and includes social media. It's pretty common for people to tweet about your company without an '@' or mention you on Facebook without tagging you. Mention truly lets you find all of your mentions, so no conversations are missed!


ManageFlitterManageFlitter makes it easy to manage who you follow on Twitter. It provides you with insight as to who you are following that isn't following back. It tells you the inactive accounts you are following. It also gives you a list of "fake" or "spam" accounts, so you can unfollow them and avoid a constant feed of automatically generated tweets. ManageFlitter makes it easy to clean up your follower list.

It's important to remember that the real value in social media is found in the conversation. While these tools will help you with a variety of tasks, you must take the time to respond to those who are talking about you, or create conversations with those who you want to be thinking about you. Do you have any tools that you use to maximize your presence in minimal time? Leave a comment below!

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