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Make the most out of your drip campaigns.

December 19 2014

rc make most drip

Most real estate professionals have an email drip campaign to help them stay in the hearts and minds of both potential and current clients. Since most of these campaigns can be automated, it's easier than ever to fall into bad or lazy habits when it comes to your drip campaigns. Here are some tips to boost your slumping real estate marketing campaigns.

Your Subject Lines are too long:

Plain and simple, they are probably too long or too boring. Emails with subject lines between 29 and 48 characters have a bit over triple their open rate than than those that go over. Even staying in these limits won't guarantee people read what you sent them; the subject line also needs to be snappy and interesting. Which leads me to...

Be interesting:

Don't send emails you would not open and read yourself. This is a simple one, but we are all guilty of packing marketing emails with nonsensical buzzwords to get opens and interactions on out emails. Really think about what your clients are interested in and meet those needs. Really try to understand the people you're trying to reach and cater content to their needs. Emails are easily overlooked, disregarded, forgotten, or sent right into the spam folder, so putting some time into content will save your emails from the trash bin.

Mobile friendly:

Mobile internet traffic (devices such as Smartphones and tablets) is set to surpass traditional desktop traffic by March 2017. Currently, most get all of their emails routed to their mobile device. Make sure all of your emails can display properly on these mobile devices. Some common mistakes are:


  • Embedded videos not playing or displaying
  • Text not holding its proper formatting
  • Links breaking
  • Images not displaying


Always test your emails before you send them out to make sure they look like how they are intended. One quick tip to remedy this is to download an email template, so all of your emails can be sent quickly and in their proper format.

Is email the best way?

Agents should sit down and evaluate if reaching out by email and decide if its the best way to reach clients. Facebook is the new norm in connecting with people, and can be used for a more personal touch on your messaging. Not only will it improve your chances of people actually reading your messages, but being added to their social network gives your messaging content exposure on something they use and check daily.

Teach, don't sell:

Educating people through your emails is better than trying to sell to them outright. People are already bombarded by emails trying to sell them things much smaller than a home. Come up with information they want to see, like crime and statistics, area hot spots and industry news or tips. When they see your emails as a source for new and creative information, that's when you will see high open and engagement stats.

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