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5 Things Sellers Want to Know About Their Homes Before They Sell

December 17 2014

trulia 5 things sellers want knowSeller leads are historically hard to snag. Buyers are comparatively easy—they submit forms indicating that they're in the market, allowing agents to easily identify them. Sellers are a lot harder to locate.

To catch sellers, you have to know the answers to the questions all sellers ask themselves – questions primarily about money, timing and your skills as an agent. You'll also need to translate your website traffic, inquiries on social media, and lead inbox messages into real insights if you want to snuff them out.

Here are five key things every seller wants to know about their home before they sell and how you can turn their questions into commissions.

1. How Much Can I Get?

No one sells their home just to sell. Most sellers are looking to get money out so they can conquer some other life milestone, whether it be upgrading or cashing out to retire.

Publishing CMAs on your personal website, sharing sales data, and posting flyers around your neighborhood that offer your valuation services are great ways to position yourself as a competent seller's agent and provide answers to this highly important question.

Of course, sellers frequently second-guess their agents' valuations of their homes, regardless of how competent they believe their agents to be. Should this happen to you, use these four methods to demonstrate that the price you've set is correctuse these four methods to demonstrate that the price you've set is correct.

2. What Are Other Homes Selling For?

The follow-up to their home price is usually looking at others that have sold. To make sure you're positioned where they'll find answers, tackle the simple tasks like regular e-mail newsletters and taking advantage of the free easy wins like claiming your sold history onlineclaiming your sold history online.

3. How Fast Will It Move?

Next to price, timing is a high priority. The anxiety, discomfort, and uncertainty of selling keeps many homes off the market. If you don't already know, you should know the average Days on Market for your neighborhoods and in which direction their trending. The wrong answer to this question can lose you a client and affect your reputation down the road.

4. Is Now the Right Time to Sell?

Another aspect of timing is the market's inevitable seasons. While there are times when buyers and sellers trade influence, the "time to sell" answer needs to be tailored to client.

To help answer right and make sure you're dealing with a ready-seller, check out their Trulia Insights or using your other lead tracking tools. In addition, you can have them fill out this seller surveyseller survey to help you guide them to their personal answer about selling.

5. Are You a Good Agent?

You know you're a great agent, but if you can't back it up then most sellers will skip you. Complete online profiles, data on your recent sales, referrals and recommendations are all key for creating positive consumer opinions of you.

If you want tips on how to demonstrate that you're a competent agent, check out this post about the importance of online reviews and reputationsthis post about the importance of online reviews and reputations.

This article was originally published on the Trulia Pro blog. You can find the original version of this article and more tips about working with sellers herehere.