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Mastering Multimedia: The Best Photo and Video Posts of 2014

film stripPhotography and video articles are consistently among the most popular on our site. And it's no wonder--unless you hire a professional for your photo and video needs, agents have to learn everything from the ground up. This includes everything from lighting, choosing the right camera equipment, editing, and beyond. That's a lot to get a handle on!

In 2014, we published multiple articles about photography and video. We've rounded up the best posts of the year here to give you a single list of resources to refer to when you're looking for ways to improve your multimedia skills in the year ahead.

1. Create the Perfect Real Estate Video with Your iPad
Agents and brokers who do not use the all-in-one studio applications of the iPad are essentially buying a Porsche and leaving it in the driveway, using it just to listen to the radio. Eighty-five percent of consumers say they are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video (Invodo), making videos an essential part of any marketing plan. Here are a few tips that Krisa says will help you create awesome real estate videos with your iPad.

2. Photos too large for upload? Take these simple steps to resize them.
Many Realtors® upload photos to their MLS and other real estate web sites. Photos that are taken at a high resolution (high quality) save as large files; sometimes, too large for upload to those web sites. We receive a lot of calls asking for assistance resizing photos when the file size is above the website's limit. Below are simple steps for both Window and Mac users.

3. Headshot and Video Style Tips for Real Estate Agents
A successful branding strategy will make potential buyers feel like they know you, before they have met you in person. Appearing polished in your headshots and video-marketing materials goes beyond vanity – it is how potential clients will perceive you. Follow these on-camera tips to elevate the professionalism of your branding materials.