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10 Actions that Will Transform Your Communication Skills

December 12 2014

realtor serviceCongratulations! A new lead or referral has just fallen into your lap. Now the hard work begins. In order to create that all-important connection that turns a prospect into a client, you need to understand what's important to the person you're talking to. The following 10 interpersonal "hacks" will help you do just that--and transform you into a master communicator.

1. Cater your message to your prospect - Identify what they're looking for by asking the right questions. Part of this is understanding how that lead got to you and why they were on your website. Profile buyers as they come into website. Set up automatic drip campaigns tailored to what they want and/or their personality.

2. Set expectations - By setting expectations from the get-go, you'll screen out clients that are not right for your company. Have an abundance mindset rather than one that takes any business that comes through the door just to close a deal.

3. Know what questions to ask - Have scripts prepared on how to have effective first calls. Find out exactly what leads are looking for in that call. Rather than starting off with pleasantries and risk being shut down, say "Thanks for signing up on our website. I just wanted to get a little clarity on what you're looking for." Drive the conversation and break things down into minute questions, e.g., How many bedrooms do you need? Two or 3-car garage?

4. Be prepared for objections - All objections come down to time and money. For example, you'll encounter time objections when asking for an appointment. Counter by asking the lead if they have time to look at 100 homes. When they inevitably say no, explain that's why they should come in--and that you will create custom plan for them that saves them time.

5. Make your outbound calls - This is all about diligence and discipline. Set guidelines for yourself by, for example, setting aside two hours a day for outbound calls or always contacting a lead within five minutes. Remember that what you do today will be your paycheck in 60 days.

6. Automate what you can - Automate your drip campaigns and segment them by personality. Be sure to test them to see what works. By automating this process, you free up time to focus on selling.

7. Have the coverage you need - Be sure to have enough support for the goals you have set for yourself. Consider hiring an assistant or even a virtual assistant. If this is not possible, always be sure take ample notes and be organized. Taming the day-to-day chaos in an orderly fashion goes a long way in saving time and hassle.

8. Utilize the right tools - When offering tools to clients, make sure they're simple for even the most non-tech savvy person to use. DocuSign, for example, provides agents with a fax number that allows technophobic clients to use a fax machine to send documents that upload directly to your DocuSign account.

9. Always be accessible - Mobile technology has come a long way. Don't be afraid of mobile apps and other tools that let you connect with clients from wherever you are. Many real estate solutions today, like CRMs and transaction management platforms, offer mobile and tablet versions of their software.

10. Don't be afraid to lose - Some agents will do anything to keep a sale, even if it goes against the core values of your team. Your agents shouldn't be afraid of telling clients things they may not want to hear. Most clients will respect them more for it at the end of the day. If you do lose that client, you never really had them to begin with. Never compromise your core values.

What are your favorite communication tricks? Share them in the comments section below!