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Twitter Marketing Tips

February 28 2010

socialmediaSocial media is all the buzz in the real estate space. Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more are commanding a lot of attention in the real estate space. Twitter is now talked about in the mainstream media, and is one of the fastest growing and most heavily trafficked website on the planet.

But where does the real estate agent start?

The traditional “hard sell” doesn’t work in the social media space. There are tools out there to push listings out to multiple social networking sites, ways to automate sending out blog posts links, and more. But effective “social media marketing” is about engagement, not pushing listings or touting what a wonderful agent you are.

The most effective use of social media is to use the sites and tools to build your Sphere of Influence (SOI). Real estate is still a very personal business, and building a network of potential clients you’ve actually met face-to-face is critical to an agent’s success. Social media, by its very nature brings people together on-line. The prudent real estate professional will capitalize on this and turn those online relationships into real life relationships. Real life is, and always will be, the best social network.

Here are some tips for using Twitter to build your SOI:
An open network, TwitterTwitter can be a powerful tool for meeting local people. You can follow anyone, and anyone can follow you. The cost is right—it’s free. Simply sign up for an account and you are off to the races. You’ll find Twitter easier to manage by using free organization clients like TweetDeckTweetDeck and HootSuiteHootSuite.

Twitter Tools
At first glance, Twitter seems like uncontrolled chaos. How do you find local people to connect with?

Try these tools:
  • Twitter SearchTwitter Search using the advanced search, you can simply enter your location into the “Near this place” box and you’ll be presented with a “Twitter stream” of people around you.
  • TwellowTwellow, the Yellow Pages of Twitter..
  • Twitter GraderTwitter Grader, find “elite” Twitter users by area.

So, once I find locals on Twitter, how do I meet them in real life?
Easy! Go to, or organize, a “Tweetup”—an IRL (In Real Life) meeting of Twitter users. These sites will help you find existing Tweetups or organize one yourself:
  • TwtviteTwtvite, easy to use, handles inviting others, RSVP’s and more.
  • Twitter SearchTwitter Search, Again using the advanced search capability, simply enter the word “tweetup” in the search box and restrict the search to your location. In virtually any sized metro area, you’ll find references to tweetups, quite possibly including one happening RIGHT NOW.
  • Just ask—It will be easier in the beginning to attend an existing tweetup. But you can also organize one yourself. Once you build up a few followers, use the tools above, or simply send out a Tweet saying something like, “Anyone interested in a Tweetup? Let’s do it!” You might be surprised. Your Tweetup may take some time to build up, but just keep trying!
Using Twitter as a tool to actually meet people face-to-face is a great way to build your SOI. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s fun!
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